Some Days Are Good…

And some days are not so good…

I’m so ecstatic to be back in my game of running again. Today is officially two weeks since my ankle ortho released me, and I cannot be happier. I have seriously making every effort, but also being cautious. I’m not going to lie. I am a little gun shy. Breaking my ankle was the most significant of injuries that has put me out of commission of running. I do NOT want that to happen again.

I am so glad my ankle has healed just in time for summer. I love the heat. Cannot get enough of sweating. Last Saturday I had the most amazing run since I have been back at it. Crazy thing is the first mile and a half was fighting a head wind. The positive side is I felt it pushed to get home faster. I ended my run with a 10:04 pace overall. WTH! Go me!

Before I ran, I felt tired…like I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I had to get up early for an appointment. I even drove across town to see my lifelong friend, to whom I adore with all my heart.

When I got home, I sat for about a half hour with Gracie Mae and then headed out the door.

I was still in shock with the finish later in the day…had to keep looking at my stats to make sure it was correct.

But there are days when you think you feel good and you have such a sucky run. Welp…that was my yesterday. It was Monday. I had the Mondays…to no extent. I wasn’t in the best of moods. I think most were feeling the brunt of it. To all, I am so sorry.

I needed to run….that always makes me feel better…ALWAYS makes me feel better.

Headband says it all

It didn’t.

I started off too fast from being upset. I was approaching a man walking. I did the correct thing and said, “On your right,” as I was getting closer. He didn’t have headphones, but I guess he was zoned out in his own world. Just as I got side by side to him, he screamed out which startled me. He said I nearly gave him a heart attack. I seriously felt so bad. I kept apologizing over and over. (However, I never stopped running. I just kept looking back apologizing.) He finally said, “It’s okay, lady, I’m alive.” Whew.

I went on the rest of my route. Heading back I started getting a stitch. Are you kidding me? I swear I had enough water in my body. Mercy. I cannot tell you the last time I have had a stitch…like…years… Usually I can work through a stitch with my breathing, but I was just too overall worked up from being grumpy.

I ended the run and was disappointed in myself. YES…I ran the entire three miles, but my time was slower than I wanted. I guess I should be happy in the fact I did it, but I wasn’t. I just kept on my day being grumpy. Dang it.

I woke up today with a better attitude. We all have those off days. I think we should be allowed. However, be cautious of how you delivery your attitude to others. Just be kind. I don’t think I was very kind yesterday. And for that, I apologize.

Tomorrow I will hit the pavement again and keep running. That is something I will not give up on…even if it kills me.

Some days are good and some days are not so good. Just try not to let the not so good days control you. (I know…easier said than done.) It’s okay….just keep running!

Peace out, Trout!

Gracie Mae looks how I felt all day yesterday

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