O’ Christmas Tree

Well…I did it. I put up my tree. Before I became a motherless daughter, my mom had dementia. She never knew what day it was. When I lost her mentally, I lost all my Christmas spirit. Actually, I just lost all my spirit. Nothing was the same. Then she died. Now I can’t even remind her what day it is.

I was adamant on NOT putting up a tree this year. I was full of justifications in my mind. “Too much effort.” “Why does it matter?” “There’s not even a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” (I’m adamant on the Christmas tree not being up before Thanksgiving or after Christmas…I get that from my dad.)

Thanksgiving went well. I had the house back in order on the Friday after. My Hunka Hunka asked if I was going to put up the tree this weekend. I was snappish in answering, “I don’t know.”

I sat there for a couple hours and wondered why not.

My ornaments are pretty simple. I have a few that friends have given me, which are my favorite. People don’t realize when someone gifts me an ornament, that means more to me than anything! I have a box of Hallmark ornaments. My Hunka Hunka, Kyle, and I used to go every year and pick out a Hallmark ornament. I miss my baby boy being my baby boy. He’s almost 22. I haven’t purchased a Hallmark ornament in years.

Our collection consists primarily of A Christmas Story, football players, and super heroes.

A tree isn’t complete without my star. My Hunka Hunka hangs the star for me so I don’t have to get a chair.

I put out the stockings on the mantle. And set out my beautiful snow globe my mother-in-law gave me last year.

My heart still isn’t into putting up the tree. I’m not Martha Stewart when it comes to my tree decorating. I admire those who have the most beautifully decorated trees. I’m just content that dang thing is up, and call it a day. Having ornaments on it is an added bonus!

Peace out, Trout!

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