Craft Fair Chaos

Gracie Mae Crochet was born more than a year ago.   Catchy name and works perfectly with that cute little logo.

Last year at this time I did a craft show with a friend.  It was crazy chaotic, but I had fun. I love creating works of art.  

How many have been to a craft fair?  Last year was my first time when I participated in one. I never had desire to attend a craft fair, much less be a vendor.  

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I had lots of fun hats

I worked tirelessly on custom orders for three weeks and even drove miles to deliver items to customers.  I had a great time.  

A couple months later I did one in February.   Weather was pretty bad and they allowed all vendors to shut down early.  I sold quite a few and made notes of the inventory to replenish.

I worked tirelessly throughout the summer to build inventory.  As I crept into the fall, I started receiving custom orders.  I LOVE custom orders.  I especially love when someone asks, “Can you do this?” And in my head my wheels are already turning.  I have repeat customers who are my absolute favorite, and I adore coming up with new designs for them. 

An absolutely gorgeous unicorn hooded scarf  (scood)

 As I prepared for the recent craft show yesterday, I told myself this was my last one.  I’m not a salesperson and craft shows are tough.  People pick over your items as if they are yard sell junk.  I know how long they took me to complete and how much effort and pain went into each one.

As I was putting the finishing touches on my table yesterday, a lady stopped by to talk.  She remembered me from last year.  She is a multi-talented designer who crochets, knits, and sews.  She wanted to tell me how beautiful my work was and how perfect my stitches were.  That’s seriously the highest compliment a fellow hooker could receive.  Yeah…that’s right…I’m a hooker!  And proud of it…my hunka hunka even encourages it.  

I simplified my table to make it more aesthetically appealing

There were some tough comments and sometimes my mouth just gets in the way.  Moma always said my mouth would get me in trouble some day, but when you’re exhausted, my #nofilter just flows.  One person said, “I could buy that at Target for $10.”  I replied, “Then go buy it at Target.  It’s just a half mile down the road.”   Another said to their child, “Your grandma can make that.”  I smiled and said, “That’s an honor to have Grandma make it for you.”   

I can handle criticism, but people just feel they can say anything.  I kept smiling throughout the rest of the day.  Many walked by and complimented how adorable my hats were.  A hooker next to me made pretty cowl scarves.  She said she would have bought hats if she had a little one to buy for.  She said she knows how much time it takes to make just one hat.  I wanted to scream and say, “You get me!”

I did well, but this is my last show. Life is too busy.   But I love being a knotty hooker.  haha  I love that line.  I enjoy reading or watching TV while I crochet.  It’s so relaxing.  Most times I don’t even have to pay attention or look down at my work unless I’m counting stitches.  

Next time you buy something homemade, always take into account the time that person invested.  Time is something they will never get back.  Handmade items are not mass-produced in a factory.  No two items are ever identical.  It was something special just for you.  I love gifting new babies.  I had a friend recently have a baby girl. I gifted her with many pretty items.  I had retired from baby blankets, but always promised her one.  She requested one long before she was pregnant.  Touched my heart.  I know she is one of those who will cherish it for always. 

Special thank you to everyone who has asked for a Gracie Mae Crochet original.  Truly means a lot to me.  

My latest baby gift

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