A New Season Ahead…

Yesterday was hot. In my area, we are known for our super hot and humid summers. Springs are filled with insane allergens. The winters are always unpredictable.

I love the heat. The hotter the better. We have made it through the last little winters we experience in the spring. Blackberry winter is typically the final one before the heat truly sets in. I mention to people about some of the little winters we go through in the spring: dogwood winter, locust winter, blackberry winter, etc. They look at me like I’m crazy. I was raised by farming parents who followed the Farmer’s Almanac. I always knew blackberry winter was the last. If we can make it to Memorial Day, then, “Hello, summer!” Since we are just days away, I know we are now in the clear.

The little winters are a few days, typically on the weekends, of cooler than normal temps. I stand by my upbringing on the Farmer’s Almanac as it has never failed me. Why doubt it now? Today’s generation just don’t have a clue. Some don’t appreciate old tales of our elders.

Yesterday we celebrated my granddaughter’s 12th birthday. I can’t believe she’s 12. I see her change in maturity not just in looks, but also in mindset. I enjoy being around her and seeing her grow. She had some of her friends at the party, but she still wanted me to be around her. It could partly be because I have a young heart.

No photo description available.
My favorite picture of Maddie May and me.

I sat outside while the girls played cornhole. As they were tossing the bean bags back and forth, I soaked up the amazing heat. It’s all relative. Some were saying how hot it was while I sat in the direct sun and relished in the moment. The heat proves another summer is approaching. I have made it through another winter. Seasons of change also show time is not slowing down.

I look at my Maddie May and I just cannot believe how many seasons we have gone through together. My heart smiles.

I hate being cold. I hate winter with snow and ice. However, I must go through the winters to appreciate the hot summers. Take just a few seconds and soak up the moment. You will never get another chance to experience it. Appreciate the time you share with others. You can look back and smile at the moment, rather than look back with regret.

Moments are memories.

Peace out, Trout!

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