Summer is at its best today in the midwest: hot and humid. I love it. I’m not a fan of snow and ice so this is just fantastic. I sat outside this afternoon while Gracie Mae huffed and puffed making her go potty. That little diva just cannot deal.

While I was sitting outside, I recognized a certain chirp. Two beautiful cardinals flew onto the back fence, a male and a female. Cardinals hold a special place in my heart. They were my brother’s favorite team and they were my mom’s favorite bird. I feel like both of them were visiting me today. At a time when I was reflecting on life, in general, they suddenly appeared. At a time when I needed them the most, they suddenly appeared. I couldn’t grab a picture, but I know they were there.

My reflections have been this week of my oldest brother, Jim. He has been a true warrior with his cancer. Even though his treatments have wrapped up and we are waiting two months for next rounds of tests, he is now battling the after effects. The radiation burnt his neck to a crisp. Jim was treating and wrapping his neck with non-stick gauze pads, as directed. So much for non-stick. Two of the pads would not come off. Since he is a hemophiliac, he could not risk pulling on them.

Jim was put in the hospital last week. When you looked into Jim’s eyes, you could tell he was in pain, even though he always said he was fine.

A week later he is still in the hospital, but he is showing some improvement. During this past week, Dog The Bounty Hunter’s wife died of cancer. Her initial cancer diagnosis was almost Jim’s diagnosis exactly. I won’t even list the parallel comparison. Beth Chapman is not my brother. What I will say is what an amazing warrior brother I have. Jim is a quiet warrior who never complains of being in pain. He grew up with almost always having a broken bone. Majority of his life was in a cast or always being in a life-flight helicopter with prayers of not literally bleeding to death. I know when he is in pain, even if he denies it. I have been a part of his life long enough to know when my brother hurts. I won’t repost his graphic pictures, but you can look and see. He is transparent and welcomes anyone to join his fight. He has a Facebook page: Team Desperado. You can find all the pictures and videos you dare to watch.

The funniest part of this week was finding out the nurses thought Jim and I were being so mean to each other, it was reported to shift nurse as being nearly abusive. We both face adversity with humor. That’s how we deal. I got the good looks. He got the big nose. 🙂

Keep your peaceful meditations and prayers coming. This past week has just been a bump in the road of the game we call life. My reflections of this past week keep me looking up to a greater future.

Gracie Mae convinced me to go back inside as her panting was extremely loud and pitiful. Ha! Reflection time over.

Until next blog… Peace out, Trout!

#TeamDesperado #CancerSucks

*Cardinal picture photo cred: google image by Bonnie T. Barry

2 thoughts on “Reflections…

  1. Kelley Sutton

    I love reading your blogs! Your family is very special to me. Jimbo reminds me a lot of Jeff during their cancer journey. They didn’t complain & always saw the best & knew God was going to do His perfect work. Their attitude & outlook through every step of the process just amazes me.
    I’m with you on summer. Although I’m starting to like fall more & more. 😉


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