Old Times Renewed

Today I met my old running partner to walk. I’m not sure why I still refer to Sara as my old running partner, but I do. Sara and I first met in 1997 when she was a transcriptionist for a cardiologist I worked for at the time. A nurse invited her to run with us at lunch, and our friendship has never stopped.

Sara and I ran together four days a week for many years. As fall approached, we added a fifth day on Saturday mornings where we ventured through a state park trail. The trail was a perfect three miles. The end was a steep hill. I remember how ecstatic we were when we could conquer the hill without stopping. Trust me…that was no easy task. Running in the crisp air seeing deer runabout was refreshing. However, slipping many times on the wet leaves weren’t as enjoyable.

Our relationship flourished through our many runs. We solved many of the world’s problems as we pounded the pavement with every step.

The friendship we share far exceeds running. We talk nearly every day. She is truly my dearest friend. I have two people I called my true friends: Sara and Miranda. I keep my circle tight and she is high up on my list. Through my crazy anal retentive self, she always accepts me as is. That’s a true friend.

It’s amazing how relationships have a way of staying true to the heart. Sara and I had not been together in more years than I can count, other than text or email, but we have never faltered. I believe those that are true to each other have this way of picking right up. I could see this today. While we didn’t run like we used to, we didn’t hesitate to immediately take off on the road.

Our conversation today was different from before. Kids are grown. Careers have changed. We have lost, but we have also gained. We should pick up this habit of walking together again because there are many problems just in this country that need resolution.

Never think a relationship could not pick up where it left off just because you don’t see each other physically anymore. Take the time to reach out and set up a time to hook up. The blisters I currently have on my heels were worth the hour spent on the road.

Peace out, Trout!

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