A little piece of me

Ever since I first watched, and fell in love with, Julie/Julia, I wanted to a write a blog.  Why not?  I’m freakin’ hilarious.   Well, at least I think so.  Maybe I just have a lot to say…all the time.

I also think I have a lot up in my noodle, so why not share it with the internet world?  Everything else is on the internet, and now my oh-so-clever thoughts will be, as well.  Some happy, some sad.  Some good, some bad.  That’s life, right?!  Maybe I can be a tad inspiring, or maybe you can just relate in some way.

For my new million readers, I will become your favorite blogger.  Am I dreaming?  My hunka hunka, aka my husband, says, “If you ain’t dreamin’, you only sleepin’.”   Bad grammar, but makes perfect sense.

I am so overwhelmed from everyone’s response of my first blog ‘My Constant’.   Thank you for all the kind words and support.  I originally thought I would write a plethora of blogs, but no worries to my running friends, I’ll make sure to write lots of those running days of past, present, and hopefully future.

So a little about me….

I am married to the love of my life.  No…it’s not a cliché, he’s the real deal.  I gave my husband the name ‘hunka hunka’ many years ago.  Every vacation I would take a shot of him in the pool.  Duh…you can see for yourself how handsome he is in the picture below.  I would always caption every pool picture as my hunka hunka burnin’ love.  I just shortened his name to ‘hunka hunka’ over time.  I had a childhood friend once introduce himself to my husband and say, “I don’t even know your real name. I only know you as ‘hunka hunka’.”

hunka hunka.jpg

I’m a wife, a daughter, a mom, a pug mom to the best pug around, a grandmother, and Soke Dai (pronounced So’-kay Die) of ChunJiDo , the best martial arts organization in the world.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear more about all of that in a future blog.   I teach women’s self-defense, which is very near and dear to my heart.  I crochet. (You can find some of my handy creations on Facebook:   Gracie Mae Crochet. )

As I mentioned in my first blog, I have a love for running.  That was my favorite pastime, hoping to resurrect it soon.

My sweet Gracie Mae – Princess Pug  has her own Facebook page.   She’s the prettiest of all the pugs.   She deserves the spotlight.

I love Wonder Woman.  Seriously…I’m her reincarnation.  I park my invisible jet in our backyard.  My neighbors don’t mind because they don’t know it’s there.  Get it…it’s invisible.  I crack myself up.

I can’t forget to mention that I love to cook…but only on weekends.  Who has time for that Mrs. Cleaver stuff during the week?  I love to share recipes because well, I love to eat.

I love to read.  My favorite books are thrillers…anticipation of a murder mystery or suspense of a stalker. I have a tender heart for novels, as long as it is something to whom I can relate.  You will see a book review from time to time if there was a book that caught my attention enough.  My colleague and I have what I call our very own “book club” at work.  It is nice to share our favorite reads and discuss our thoughts and perceptions.

I love UK basketball, and things get pretty serious during basketball season.   I hate Duke..nuff said.  Any true UK fan should strongly feel that way, too.

Football season is another sports’ love of mine.  My hunka hunka and I discuss nearly every game with our own subjective views.  We yell at the TV discussing right/wrong play calls.  He once called me a ‘football buddy’.  I’ll take that as a compliment.

My hunka hunka is retired and I’m insanely jealous of him.   However, he did marry a much younger and super-hot woman.   I am proud of the fact he gave 36 years of his life to one company.  That’s unheard by today’s standards in the workforce.

After hearing all this, one can probably tell I have all the time in the world to write this blog.  Wade Garrett once said, “I’ll get all the sleep I need when I’m dead.”   Just call me Wade.    If you don’t know who Wade Garrett is, shame shame.

Make sure to check out my next blog where I’ll be a little less boring.

Until next time…Peace out, trout!

Gracie Mae sends her love…

gracie mae.jpg

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