Raw Love

Have you ever seen something that truly touched your soul?  Something which impacted your life so much, you almost develop an obsession for it.   I normally don’t write so much sappy stuff, but I just can’t help myself.   And I wasn’t planning on writing another blog so soon, but a karate mom captured a candid picture of my hunka hunka and me yesterday that displayed raw love, and I have to share my heart.

Raw love is real love.  Loving someone without reservations.

I’m not being a ‘fan girl’, or maybe I am. I’m not sure how to describe it, other than you must see A Star Is Born.  I have watched every interview and listened to the soundtrack online so many times, I think I have all the songs memorized.  I love the realness of the actors, the humility by Lady Gaga,  and the overall beauty of the movie.

star is born.jpg

I never saw the other three versions of this movie so I honestly had no idea the story line.  I was never one for love stories.   I think they are just too overplayed and lacks reality of love and marriage.  That’s why I typically stick to comedies, sports, and war movies.  But this one called my name.

My hunka hunka and I decided to see this on our anniversary.  I took a vacation day just to spend it with him.  How many times do you celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary?  Once…so let’s make the most of it.

The rawness of the love displayed on the screen was amazing.  One should have someone else who loves them through all their flaws and their mistakes.  Love someone for who you know they are and for not how you think they should be.  I think it’s something not all have the opportunity to experience.  I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say I have this.

***Spoiler alert to the movie***

After the movie, I could not talk when we walked out to the truck.  Finally my hunka hunka asked me if I was okay.  No…I wasn’t.  I don’t think I have had such a breakdown since I lost my mom.  Even the strongest reach a breaking point.  All I could think of was the love lost.  I saw how much Ally loved Jackson and vice versa…the raw emotion of loving someone so much you ease his pain to save her.   My perception was he laid his life down for her (and her career at the time), and how she had to go on without him.   Everyone in this movie made you feel you were part of the scenes.  You felt what they felt.  I could only think of my own love.   I could not imagine my life without my hunka hunka.   The final song in the end was the icing on the cake.  I not only thought of my marriage, but I thought of my dad.  He has told me over and over my mom was the love of his life.  He will never love again.   He is so heartbroken without her and only dreams of when he will see her again.

“Don’t wanna feel another touch”

There are times when Robert says he wants to put a boot in my ass, and the feelings are mutual.  However, there’s never a moment where we don’t stop to give each other a hug when we are just passing each other in the hall.  He never hesitates to tell me he loves me as soon as the alarm goes off so darn early.  Most do not realize my hunka hunka drives me to work and picks me up every day.  He gets up at 4:30 am just to do this when he could easily sleep in.  Yeah…that’s how we roll…primarily quiet in the mornings though because he knows not to talk to me before coffee.  We enjoy the ride mostly in silence.  😉 But he never forgets to stop at Motomart for my favorite coffee.  We love our time together and we cherish the moments we have.  There may be one day where we won’t have that time.  Make the most of every moment because moments are memories.

“I hope it’s okay if I love you forever.”

This movie better be out on DVD before Christmas because I am so asking Santa for this.

Until next time…Peace out, trout!

“When you look at me, and the whole world fades…I’ll always remember us this way.”

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