Pork Chops and Applesauce

Sunday is my cooking day. I like to do a whole lot of nothing on Sundays to prepare for my work week. This is the most I do on my Sunday funday. Today is no different. Middle of NFL playoffs. Go teams! I hate that somebody has to lose, but I do like teams with those unexpected wins.

New year and I should be looking at weight loss goals. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at the beginning of a new year? I think I’m having opposite reaction. I’m hungrier right now. Whew…I’m a growing girl…growing out, not up!

One of my cooking ‘jobs’ I have is cooking for my dad. I cook a month’s worth of food for him. I put it into individual containers and freeze them. Makes his meal planning super easy. He has a standing order with me. He’s a simple ole farm boy. He likes what he likes. He has absolutely NO problem telling me what he wants and when he wants it. I ask him all the time does he need anything. Nope…he says. Then he gives me his food list and I have a small window to have it all done. I never complain and have to laugh to myself. He’s always so appreciative so how can I tell him no. Plus throughout my teenage years, he never complained when he served me my soggy cornflakes every day.

I worked hard preparing his current wants: mac and cheese, carrots, and mashed taters. I have my own secret mashed tater recipe. I cook him five pounds at a time. He tells me they taste just my mom’s.

Should hold him for a month

I save some of those mashed taters for my hunka hunka. He’s a big fan of them, too. For our meal at home today, I opted for pork chops and applesauce. I know you just said it like Peter did in “The Brady Bunch”. If you didn’t, why not? I also served smothered green beans, mashed taters, and a salad. I found a new pork chop recipe. Easy peasy. I’m not normally a pork eater, but this recipe was too hard to pass up.


As soon as I bit into that bite of tasty goodness…YUMMO!! That brown sugar glaze was so amazing. The pork was fork tender, which is typically not that way with pork.

Post bake

There is an importance to eating pork chops and applesauce together. There are the rumors of how slow it takes to metabolize pork in your body. Apples are a good source of insoluble fiber which helps with digestion. There’s your answer on why you should eat pork with apples. Let’s say it together with Peter, “Pork chops and applesauce.”

It’s been a great weekend of football playoffs. I hate for most teams to lose, but somebody has to, unfortunately. My hunka hunka and I have a fun rivalry. My team (Steelers) is already out so it’s all in good fun to me. I would love to see Chiefs go all the way because Mahomes is fantastic. I would love to see Rams, too, because McVay is a helluva coach. I love Brady, but he has won many times. My hunka hunka loves Saints, even though Brees has a super bowl win, and I enjoy watching Foles. Can there be multiple winners?

Let’s get the week started off right! Good food. Good football. Happy bellies. Happy Daddy-O.

Peace Out, Trout!

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