We need to take this outside…

Hello Sunshine, my old friend…let’s take it outside.

I’m moving from the darn dreadmill to outside.  I could hear the angels singing.  What an amazing feeling!  Temps were good and the sun was bright. I decided to capture some pictures of my run because it was that gorgeous out there.

I know I am much slower on the road adjusting to the surface, but man I love being outside.  I love change of scenery.  Deep breaths through my nose.  I no longer feel like a hamster on the wheel like I do on the dreadmill. 

I have my psycho podcasts going while I take each step.  I’m wearing my super cool new Garmin watch.  Hello mileage tracker!  I’m living the dream.

The route I have around my workplace is primarily flat and has a beautiful view of the current muddy river.   That sounds like an oxymoron, but I love the view, despite the brown, mirky water.  I saw a barge as soon as I started my run.  I absolutely love barges.  I can get in such a trance with them and watch them all day.  Felt like I was racing it thinking I could run faster than a barge.

I stopped in random spots to take a picture.  I love all the flags we have downtown.  I’m patriotic at heart.   

This cool playground was pioneered by a childhood friend of mine.  Kids are making great use of it as it seems to always have little visitors screaming and running about.   I could see my former work building way across the river.  I took a moment to reminisce…where it was a fast 1/1000 of a second. (I didn’t take a picture of that)

Kids Kingdom

The muddy river is still very high.  The riverfront is closed.   It’s actually pretty nasty down there.  The road is somewhere under all the water, just not yet visible. 

I had to go down a couple steps to get a good shot.  My peripheral vision sucks.  Going back up the steps, I missed one and totally felt myself falling in slow motion.  All I was thinking of was NOT landing on my knee because I know the concrete would take off most of my skin.   I somehow scrambled and landed all my weight on my foot…that one ankle that gives me fits.  I caught myself with my hand and my phone went flying.  Thank you, Otterbox, for sparing my phone.

I need a little sympathy right now…

My hand was banged up and my ankle is pretty painful. I can’t push off too much, but it didn’t keep me from running again just to see if I could.   Damn…it’s sucks getting old.  Those falls just aren’t the same.  I’m definitely not a bouncy ball.  This is my first fall in a very long time, but I would have to say it’s one of my less severe falls.  I’m a straight-up klutz.  I have my mom to blame.  She gave me the proper name of Nancy, which means “graceful one”.  I’m jinxed for life. 

Now that I’m outside, I don’t want to go back in. I love breathing in the fresh air. I love feeling the wind on me. I love seeing the trees blooming. I love hearing the kids playing. I love…

Let’s pause for a moment to stare at the bench below.  This bench is where I met my hunka hunka for our first date.  This bench is where my hunka hunka proposed to me.  This bench brings us back every year on our anniversary to reminisce where it all began. I especially love knowing I run by this (worn out) beauty on my route now.

Peace out, Trout!

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