Summer Attire

It’s been a while since I have written a blog. Ten weeks ago I described my adventure in the blog, We need to take this outside... I talked about how I missed a step while I stopped while running to take a picture of a barge. I love barges, what can I say? Stupid, stupid barge.

I love the picture I found of summer running. Wish it were me.

I have yet to run since. The first three weeks I nursed it as a sprained ankle. This was the 5th time turning this ankle. I’m a pro at this. I had X-rays done right away to make sure there wasn’t a fracture so I could go forward. Things just didn’t seem quite right.

My hunka hunka suggested I wait out the full six weeks of no exercise to recover. I figured since I keep spraining the same ankle, and I’m no spry 20-something anymore, I just needed time. I reluctantly obliged.

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Six weeks came and went. The pain I was experiencing was more in my leg, along my shin. It was extremely tender to touch in a particular spot, but would ache like a toothache nonstop. Maybe I just need eight weeks to rest. Hello, eight weeks. I finally saw my family doctor and explained what was going on. He actually agreed and felt like everything should have healed by now, even soft tissue. He ordered more X-rays to see if there was any change since my first set. Nope. Nada.

He ordered a bone scan. That was interesting. I received an injection. Then I had to go back three hours later for the scan. I could watch it while it was capturing images. Exactly at my point of pain was a decent sized ‘hot spot’.

Here I am now at 10 weeks with no exercise. I’m quite bummed. I worked super hard at my diet. I worked super hard finding my love of running again and actually being able to run three miles without stopping. Here I am with a hairline fracture in my tibia. In today’s world they call that a stress fracture. Stress fractures are used too loosely anymore.

My newest ‘frienemy’

Doctor says zero weight bearing. What the heck! I have a beach vacation coming in eight weeks. Doctor thinks I should be good to go in six weeks and I cannot run for 12 more weeks. Holy moly. There goes my summer running. My hunka hunka says I’ll be healed and released by November with my luck in injuries. Just in time for cold, winter running. Not sure what to think. My current summer attire are glorious crutches. I just have to keep my spirits up and positive. I’m positive dieting right now is worse. I’m positive finding my mojo again will be even tougher. I’m positive this injury has bummed me more than any of my injuries. I’m positive I will come back stronger than ever. I’m positive you better look out when I’m released. I’m positive…

My hunka hunka is driving me everywhere for at least the first two weeks as these are the most crucial. Sigh. Poor him. I’m not a good patient because I’m not patient. I’m grumpy and frustrated.

Until then, I’ll just be kicked back drinking my beer and coasting through the summer, adorned with my new summer attire. It’s not like I can do much else…

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