Seeing my father in me…

Saturday mornings are my favorite radio listening time. I crank up the radio as I drive to see my dad. There are two stations who play the older country music. WRAY played a lot of songs this year dedicated to Father’s Day. I enjoyed many of the songs they played. If you are a country music fan, you could already imagine which ones were played.

Today I was a tad later getting to my dad’s house. I was worried he would be upset, but he was cool about it. Actually, my lateness worked to my benefit as my favorite Father’s Day songs received air time.

“Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn is one that has always reminded of my dad. My dad worked selflessly for so many years. Many nights he barely slept. During the summers, he farmed at night. During the winters, the cold temps would cause water mains to burst and he would work in icy conditions. All of this was to provide for our family.

Integrity, humility, and pride are top three attributes I would give my dad. There are so many others I could associate to him, but these rank the highest.

Holly Dunn describes how her daddy’s hands were strong when they needed be, but would soften to hold her. My dad was stern growing up, and I respected him greatly. As I am well into adulthood today, his gentle compassionate hands are what hugs me each week and tells me he loves me.

As I drove with tears in my eyes listening to all the songs that could work for my dad, I heard one I hadn’t heard in a long time. I remember when this song came out because I was upset how the video was all about fathers and their sons. Where were the ones with daughters? The moment Paul Overstreet started singing, “Seein’ My Father in Me,” I couldn’t stop the tears. It’s funny as I age, my hunka hunka says I’m becoming more and more like my dad. (My dad can be a bit of a quick-tempered curmudgeon) I always laugh when he says that. As I listened to the words of the song today, I smiled through my tears. What an honor it is to see my father in me. My hunka hunka may think differently, ha!

The next time my hunka hunka says, “OK, Albert, ” when I portray my dad in some way, I’ll have to smile. I’m so blessed to still have my sweet daddy at 86. He’s a God-fearing man who misses my mom every moment of his life. He’s looking forward to the day God calls him home so he can be with the “love of his life”. Until then, I’m so thankful God still allows him to be with me.

To everyone today, Happy Father’s Day to dads, stepdads, like a dad! If your dad is no longer with you, take a moment to remember him.

Peace out, Trout!

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