The google image as the header is the perfect depiction of today’s blog. I catch myself spending downtime at home playing Candy Crush. It’s thinkless time. Time when I don’t have to think about work or karate or the every day stresses of life. Is it addicting? Yes, but I enjoy the challenge. While it seems to be a game for kids, believe it or not, it helps my brain function.

I know in the second sentence of this blog I said it was thinkless time. In an essence, there is a smidge of thinking. I have to think a couple of steps ahead in anticipation of completing the level. Am I really talking about a stupid game on a tablet? Yes I am. Forcing my brain to think increases my brain function while I feel it decreases onset of dementia. There’a method to my madness.

We all need an outlet. My outlets have changed through my moods. Years ago I spent many nights perfecting my cupcake baking. I was pretty good at it. I baked for every coworker’s birthday their favorite flavor. My hunka hunka loved being the official taste tester. After we both gained about 10 pounds, I thought I should find a healthier habit. And I’m not gonna lie…while I loved creating and eating the final results, the prep mess cleanup was just no fun.

I baked these for my Willy Wonka party

Then I picked up crocheting. I love to crochet. I love to take yarn and make an amazing creation. My fun creations became a chore. I felt pressured to make a particular inventory in hopes of pleasing the public at craft shows. There is so much time and effort invested in making something by hand, but someone is always looking something for nothing. I never cared for the moments of hearing folks downgrading my talent. I decided to put away the crochet and only make items for friends. If anyone ever receives anything of mine crocheted, please know you are special to me.

The last blanket and hat I made for a friend’s little princess

I always have some serial killer/suspense/thriller book going. I also love to listen to true crime podcasts. Those outlets can be a bit intense, and I don’t mean camping. I have to give my brain a break from there at times.

My many blogs have mentioned my running woes for the past four months. I still have at least nine days until I’m cane free. And possibly another six weeks until I can try to run again. I need an outlet. And now…candy crush works for me. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Whittling wood?

We all need an outlet…that mental escape from reality. What is your outlet?

Peace out, Trout!

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