My Special Place

Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. Chubs passed away February 10, 2008. Every time I see a cardinal, I know it’s him. Many birthdays I have now spent without him. I find solace in knowing Moma is with him now. I even found a feather while I was out walking at lunch yesterday. I know it’s not a cardinal’s feather, but my heart tells me it was an angel feather. I’ll take whatever I can get.

I say often how ‘perfect’ my Hunka Hunka is. This is not Facebook posting bs; this is fact. I came home from work yesterday to find the most beautiful memorial ‘garden’ set up for me to honor my mom, with a hint of my brother, too. My Hunka Hunka wanted to create my own quiet place to honor my mom. I don’t think I could have done it better.

I miss my mom a lot! There’s nothing wrong with that, no matter what society may say. Missing her shows how much I loved her. Talking about her helps bring a piece of her back to me.

Now I have my own space to sit where I like to sit most to think about, and talk to, my mom…in my own solidarity. My Hunka Hunka knows I like my quiet time and he gave me just that.

He put a special bench with a fleur de lis carved into the stone. My mom was my beautiful flower. He placed an angel beside the bench because my Hunka Hunka always said she was an angel who walked the earth.

In the angel’s hand is a tiny cardinal. That’s my mom holding my brother. Chubs visits me often via a cardinal. He placed a hummingbird feeder above the quiet space. My hunka hunka feels hummingbirds are the most delicate birds created by God. On top of the bench is a penny. This represents “pennies from Heaven, and a penny for your thoughts.”

The beautiful heart was given to me by a friend right after I lost my mom.

He added lights to always have my space illuminated. My Hunka Hunka said he’s not finished with my space. He still wants to add a pot holder for special plants for a pop of color.

I’m blessed to have my Hunka Hunka who gets me.

We all need our special places. What’s yours?

Peace out, Trout!

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