Turtle Pace

I’m going to like these legs once I learn how to use them. Those were my thoughts when two weeks ago I was released for non-assisted walking again. This has to have been the longest 4.5 months EVER. I have been holding out writing, thinking I would wait until I could actually run again…but good lord, I still have until September 22 before that can happen.

I guess I didn’t realize the significance of the injury to my leg. It is what it is. The doctor told me to ease into walking. I did a short walk last week just to see how it felt. I noticed I favored my ‘bad leg’, and I had a lot of muscle soreness. Par for the course.

Last night I asked my hunka hunka about waiting to go to the gym with me as I would like to walk on the dreadmill. While I’m not a fan of the dreadmill, the benefit is when I cannot handle the pain anymore, I can step off. My hunka hunka was a tad bossy though. haha. He said I had better adhere to doctor’s orders. He didn’t want me to re-injure my leg since it took FOREVERRRR to heal. Yeah. yeah.

I listened and followed doctor’s orders. I walked slow and just about died trying to to get to three miles. I struggled the last half mile pushing myself to finish. While I was slow and in a bit of pain, just from zero exercise, I’m so glad I pushed myself to finish. Felt like a turtle in a tub of peanut butter.

I did it with my hunka hunka, who patiently waited on me to reach my goal.

Now…is it September 22 yet?? I’m tired of being a “turtle turtle.”

Peace out, Trout!

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