Let the 100th Season Begin

I love SUMMER. I love HEAT. I love HUMIDITY. I hate to see summer leave, but I sure LOVE to see NFL season begin. NFL season is the best season of the year. Today is the first Sunday of the season. Let the Sunday cooking commence. Let the “I’m not doing anything because it’s football season” commence. Today will be no exception.

I put my roast on before 7 this morning. I was overly anxious. Who doesn’t love a roast?! SERIOUSLY..I live in the midwest…who doesn’t love a roast?! If you don’t, I’m not sure I can continue my friendship with you..just sayin’.

I have no particular recipe for roast. I always do a hodge podge of ingredients I have at home. My staples for crockpot cooking are always onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup. If you only have those with a good roast, then you’re good to go.

My hunka hunka loves carrots and taters. I like onions and peppers. I add all of that, plus butter and banana peppers. Yummo! I’m picky about my roast. I do not play the ‘healthy game’ when it comes to my roast. I want the fattiest slab of meat. Give me the fattiest butt. I want that melt-in-your-mouth-slap-yo-moma fat! That’s my favorite part of the roast. I slow cook at a minimum of 8 hours, but please cook based upon your personal preferences. I want fork tender meat.

Final result

All of this shall be complete, and all my messes cleared, before tonight’s game between my two favorite quarterbacks of all time: Big Ben and Brady. Yes…the Patriots have had three instances in cheating. While I love and adore Brady, tonight I will be pulling for my Big Ben. He will forever be my number one!

Image result for big ben vs brady

Happy NFL Season! Happy fall/winter cooking! Happy Sunday!

Peace out, Trout!

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