168 Hours

I’ll save you from doing the math. SEVEN MORE DAYS! Seven…until I can run on this new leg…as least I hope it’s renewed. Time will tell…obviously.

My patience is just non-existent anymore. I feel like my summer of running is gone now. I’m grumpy…I won’t lie.

I must find the positive. I’m POSITIVE I’m grumpy. Is that better?

On a serious note, this has been the most significant injury I have ever had to keep me from running. Due to the significance, I followed orders, but I’m just so anxious. Walking feels like forever in completing a few steps. Trust me…I only run about 30% faster than I walk, but it feels like I’m moving in slow motion.

Bracing my ankle like a good little girl

I guess during my walk today I tried to enjoy the moment. The moment of seeing the lasting colors around me, smelling the sweet sunshine, and feeling the warmth. I sure do love summer, even in the middle of September!

How did these flowers appear in a creek? Squirrel? Bird?

Stop and smell the roses…or daisies and sunflowers. Life is already too busy that we all seem to miss the important parts.

Until next week…peace out, trout!! AND GO STEELERS!!!

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