Today’s the day! I FINALLY got to run…well, wog for me. This girl is not up to running. Running is going a steady pace. It’s been nearly 6 months since I have run, thanks to my gracefulness. I’m a klutz…what can I say?!

I was so geared up and ready. I had on my super cool sunglasses. I had on my (ugly) awesome Brooks Adrenalines. I had my true crime ‘killer’ podcasts, pun intended, because I love the murder true crimes the most! And today was not for the weak, even I had to stomach that one a bit. I never say that about these, but today was a doozy.

Oh god…I have gained weight. Inactivity has wreaked havoc on me. I remember in my early 20s, McDonald’s came out with a triple cheeseburger. This was near the same time the McJordan came out..anyone remember that burger? I could eat all of the triple one, plus fries, and a large coke and never bat an eye. I cannot even sniff McDonald’s today without gaining weight. It sucks getting old. All you young pups will see this as you age.

Image result for i love mcdonalds

Here I am…changing my diet to eat better while I start my wogging back. I think about dieting all the time. Thinking without applying is useless. I know what I need to do. Less McDonald’s and more salads. My Hunka Hunka says McDonald’s is my krytonite. I have to agree. I just cannot resist McDonald’s. Some folks hate it. Not a prob…more for me!

I totally ventured into left field with my thoughts. There was a headwind today, but it didn’t deter me. The sun was shining and I was smiling.

I wogged the first 1.5 miles without stopping. I was pretty proud of myself. It was not easy. That was my turnaround point. The second half I alternated between wogging and walking. Felt amazing to do it again. I’m glad the day was amazing.

I love my Garmin

I hope I can muster the energy to get out more than just once a week because work just exhausts me. I hope I find my mojo as it has been bruised for a while from my fall. If I don’t die today from trying to wog, I’ll continue blogging.

After reaction….

That’s why I’m rushing to publish this one before I keel over. If you don’t hear from me again, thank you for reading…

Now…where’s my coffee?! I earned that cup and then some today!

Peace out, Trout!

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