Chugging Along…

I decided to jump out again and give this wogging a try. Today was unusually hot and humid. I’m loving it honestly. I love the hotter temps. I felt I missed all of this since I was injured through the entire summer.

Today did not feel any easier as I started out. I wanted to squeeze a run in before my Hunka Hunka and I went to see a movie of one of his heroes, Rambo.

Before…still smiling

I ran the first 1.5 miles without stopping. That was my turnaround spot I didn’t feel like it was so awesome, but still proud I didn’t stop that first part. The second half I ran a mile off and on. Overall, I ran 2.5 of the 3.04 miles. I’ll take it!

The corn was harvested today. I missed the planting and watching it grow. Last week it was tall. This week it was gone. Next year I’ll watch the entire process.

My Hunka Hunka and I had deep conversations on the love of running. There is just something that running gives you like no other. The release I feel after is indescribable. I know that with each pound of the pavement, I’m giving the weight on shoulders to the world. My problems feel lighter. I have those moments I talk to God.

Today was no exception. My podcast stopped unexpectedly with a mile to go. I finished the remainder with only my thoughts. God sure got an earful. Some of my conversations I skipped Him and talked straight to my mom. I sure need her right now.

By the way, Rambo sucked. It had nothing to do with the original character. I literally couldn’t stomach some of the scenes. I was glad it was only an hour and half long. Even my Hunka Hunka hated it. He wanted to leave before it was over, but stayed only because of the money we spent on tickets.

I’ll give my aching ankle and muscles a rest from running tomorrow. Hopefully recovery won’t be too bad. My Hunka Hunka says I’ll be back to myself by spring…and maybe contemplating races again. I’m not sure about the latter. I’m thankful he continues to encourage me when at times I could easily give up. Time will tell…

So so in the end

Peace out, trout!

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