And again…

Soon it will be 2020. A new year. A new decade. As I get older, time really is speeding by. That can be a good thing..hurry up and get me to retirement. ha.

In my past, I have been one to always be super fit. I ran all the time. Age, surgeries, and injuries caught up with me. I’m not the person I was just a year ago. That’s hard to accept as you age. I used to be a fitness snob. I won’t deny that. I always thought if I could do it, why couldn’t you? I have humbled myself through my own setbacks that I will never be that person again.

I find myself entering 2020 striving to run again. I’ll be entering my 23rd year of running. Too many years to throw to the wayside. A baby isn’t born walking. They must first learn to crawl, pull up, and then take off. Even those first steps are tough. The same is for me. It has taken months for me to build up the confidence to withstand any distance on the treadmill, but I finally did that very thing yesterday. I am seriously feeling it today! My bad ankle is really sore, among other things. It’s hard not to be discouraged. How often do we live in the past of who/how we used to be? I can only change my current status and that is pushing myself to get back on that idiotic dreadmill again. That is the only way I can better myself.

I’m not a big one on resolutions, but I will say I want to become a better me in 2020 fitness wise. I want to say I’m running again.

January 1 is a big day for people to start their fitness goals. I call them ‘resolutioners’. I’m one of them. I guess what bothers me more than anything are folks on social media who complain about how full ‘their gym’ will soon be. There are even a million memes about it:

Image result for full gym january 1

This upsets me when I see people complain. None of you were born fit. You all had to start somewhere. Instead of putting others down, build them up. We all deserve second chances. A new year gives us a clean slate to make a difference. I applaud anyone wanting to better themselves. If you have to wait a couple extra seconds for a machine to open up, so be it. That person on the machine may have struggles you are not aware of and just wanting to feel better. Who are we to judge?

My hunka hunka gets amazing results at a local chain gym. I go with him many times. This gym has some of the best treadmills and overall machines in the area. They have affordable rates, but I see haters call them names and put others down for going there. I remember one person put that very gym down years ago, but now has a membership. Hypocrisy at its finest? Or just wised up?

As you start this new year, what will you do to be a better you? I know a few things we can all be: nicer, more open, less judgmental.

Approach the new year with a vengeance. Help someone.

I fixed a fabulous meal yesterday. I need to sit and blog about it because eating healthier goes along with this whole fitness mindset I’m pushing to obtain again.

Onward to 2020. Onward to a new decade. Onward to new beginnings.

Thank you to my readers. I appreciate you all.
Peace out, Trout!

3 thoughts on “And again…

  1. Julia

    I gave up running a long time ago (big boobs add an extra level of discomfort)! But a couple of months ago I undertook a Planksgiving challenge. The goal was to build up to a 3 minute plank in 30 days. The first day was 20 seconds, and it felt like 20 minutes to me. I’m on my own more cautious schedule to be sure I don’t injure my cranky back, but I’m currently holding a plank for 2 mins 45 secs. As a lifelong clumsy, unathletic person, I could not be prouder of myself. 😌💪🏼

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