Headbands Galore

My running is consistent. I no longer call it wogging so much, as I feel like I’m in my zone again. With any run, I have a method to my madness. I’m obsessed with headbands. I have been since about 2011-2012.

I have baby fine hair. It can be annoying. My mom always said it was stringy. Tangles easily. Nothing stays in it. I used to lose barrettes nonstop when I was a kid. I’ve had short hair and long hair. When I’m running, my hair can be a nuisance, especially the tiniest of little hairs that touch my face. Pet peeve…hair in my face. (Let’s throw in the fact that I’m also a heavy sweater, which increases the annoyance.) I’ve been growing my hair again since 2015, vowing to not cut it again. So…up in a ponytail it goes.

Headbands are the greatest thing ever! I coordinated and wore them for certain races/events. I haven’t bought anything for so many years that I believe the headband companies have upped their game. All but two of my headbands came from the same company, Bondiband. They hold my hair back well. They are not tight. AND they are wicking. No sweat dripping anywhere. I have two from Junk. While I absolutely LOVE their designs, as that is where I found two of my loves, Wonder Woman and Cobra Kai, they just are not as durable as Bondiband. I say that because sweat drips down. I tend to wear those on my less humid days so I’m not fight sweat in my eyes.

I have my favorites that I wear consistently. Some are obvious, and need no explanation, as to why I love them so. The group pictures are the ones I still have on hand. But here are my stand outs….

How easy is it to talk yourself out of doing something? Excuses come aplenty. My favorite is definitely my SHUT UP AND RUN. I wear that most of all. Definitely a no excuses headband.

I love this one as it fits well to those who say they cannot. Wish I knew where that one was.

My half marathon headband was something special. It was my one and only half. I finished in under 2 hours…and I bought it especially to wear with my outfit matching my brb (best running buddy).

One of my bucket list items was to run at Heinz Field. My Hunka Hunka gave that gift to me when I turned 40. People mocked my outfit, but I left them in the dust. This has become my favorite race attire EVER!

Not sure why some are missing, especially when they are the better ones. However, the one that doesn’t surprise me that is missing is this one…. (if you can’t read it in the picture “I run so I don’t kill my husband”) Interesting how that one is missing. I’m thinking my Hunka Hunka may have had something to do with its fate…

Running is hard. It’s a mental game with myself. Running challenges me to push through the hardest times. When the humidity is high and my energy is low, I fight to keep running and not give up. Believe it or not, headbands make me happy!

I went on Bondiband’s site today to check out what they have now, as it’s been 8 years since I’ve ordered from them. I’m thoroughly impressed. If you are looking for a headband, I highly recommend them. If you are looking for really cool designs, especially super heroes, check out Junk.

Until my next runs… Peace out, Trout!

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