Facebook, really?

I try not to ever write anything negative, but something has bothered me all week. My blogs primarily consist of running, food, and missing my mom. I have had this blog nearly two years. I pay for the site and enjoy sharing my thoughts.

I would always share my blogs on Facebook so my friends there can enjoy or be annoyed by them. Facebook blocked me from sharing my url of my blog site stating it goes against their community standards. That makes absolutely no sense.

A screenshot of Facebook's message to banned posts.

There are so many negative posts on Facebook. Many I find offensive, but it’s everyone’s right to post as they see fit. Why was this blocked?

Are Facebook admins anti-runners? Do they not ever eat? Do they all have their mothers that their life is just so grandiose? Are they anti-Kentuckian girls by heart. All of those I am. I run. I cook. I eat. I’m a motherless daughter. I’m a girl from Kentucky. I don’t get it.

I even wrote about things I was doing during quarantine. IT WAS POSITIVE! My goodness.

I wrote this short blog to just say…I don’t get it. Why was I censored?

Sad, but true!

Peace out, Trout!

3 thoughts on “Facebook, really?

  1. JoAnn

    Did you contact anyone at Facebook to see why they are doing this? I’m sorry I don’t know much about this specific problem but I’ve reached out to them about other things and have gotten a satisfactory resolution. Perhaps there is a rule about promoting blogs on personal accounts. Not sure. 😦


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