Hello, Humidity!

This run is from Saturday, but I’m just now sitting to write about it. Being in the midwest means heat and humidity. I’ve been waiting on this weather impatiently. It takes a while to acclimate to the not-so-fun breathing difficulties and the feeling of heat striking your lungs like a torch, but I sure love this weather.

A thunderstorm warning was pushing through our area, but I had a moment of sunshine. You just cannot waste those daylight hours, or even minutes. My hunka hunka told me to be careful. That humidity can sneak into your body and set you on fire like a flame to gasoline. I was all smiles in the beginning…

I seriously love to sweat during a run. Let me tell you…I’m a sweater, and not cashmere. I’m not just a sweater, I’m a stinky sweater, more like a scratchy acrylic sweater. You better stand away from me after a run. I can clear a room easy. The positive side to all the sweating is you are removing toxins out of your body. During this insane coronavirus quarantine, I’m doing due diligence.

I’m not going to lie…it was not the smoothest of runs. Many times in my mind I wanted to walk, but I never allowed myself. Running is a mental game. I kept telling myself I would walk at the next 0.25 mile, but I never did. I just kept tricking my mind.

I survived the crazy humidity, and I didn’t die. I tried to channel my inner Wonder Woman, but she was hot and tired, too. My time was somewhat slow, average adjusting to the humidity. A big storm came through a couple hours later and knocked it down a notch.

For the 32:32.1 minutes I was running, I was hating the heat and humidity. Within 10 minutes of finishing, I was so happy I did. Running puts me on a mental yo yo ride.

Stay safe, crazy readers! Just don’t lose your sanity riding the storm. Peace out, Trout!

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