Life Changes

I can’t believe I woke up today and it’s already November. The positive side is only two months left of 2020 hell. Will 2021 be better or will we still be living the nightmare felt around the world? Literally…only time will tell.

As time keeps chugging along, so do the seasons. Living in the midwest, those seasons change without fail. Sometimes we will experience multiple season in one day. I’m not a fan of winter. I’m not a fan of snow/ice and just being cold, but this year I am a fan of leaves. I have noticed so many different shades of fallen leaves. The reds are my favorite. Deep, rich, beautiful.

I’m not an expert of the types of trees. I just love all the different colors.

The colors of leaves changing are simply nothing short of amazing. Leaves are so green during summer, but you never know what beautiful shade of fall they will be. I believe that is similar to our lives. No matter how bright things appear during the brightest moments, we never know what ‘shade’ of life we will be. Does our light still shine in the darkest times? Like leaves on the trees, we fall. Some of us even ‘die’ a little as seasons change, but growth is still to come. For leaves, this occurs in the spring. We are made whole again. We are not the same leaf as we were in the fall, but we are reborn again.

I love how God gives us the chance to be whole again. Whether we have that special someone in our lives to stand beside, or some may be standing alone, always know we are still standing.

I know not every tree goes through the seasonal changes. I do not dislike evergreen trees, but they are as they are…always the same. We need change and we need challenges in order for growth. Never be an evergreen.

Life yields change. 2020 has yielded more change that I was prepared to endure, but like the fallen leaves, I know I’ll be made whole. We should all hold on to that faith.

Peace out, Trout!

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