Labor of Food Love

Finally a food blog. This may not exactly be one my friend has asked for, but it’s still a blog about food. Temps are cooling down so I’m sure I’ll test new recipes in the near future.

I have had many passions that seem to change when I get somewhat bored. Running, but limited with age and hip issues. Crochet, but my hands cramp. Baking, but that makes me fat. However, cooking has been my constant passion. I just love to cook.

Yesterday was no exception as I labored in cooking dishes for others. My dad loves my mashed taters. I took the time to make them from scratch just like he likes them. I add all of the special ingredients until I know they will be to his liking. As I clean up, I freeze his servings so he can thaw out as he sees fit.

I made my (infamous) smothered green beans. I don’t like to share that recipe or give out all the details because they are just so dang tasty. I made these for a very dear friend.

I took the time and made my bacon cheeseburger meatloaf for my friend, as well. This is no ordinary meatloaf. Everything you might put on a burger is in this meatloaf. I mimicked Pioneer Woman’s meatloaf, but adjusted the recipe to my personal liking. I have many stages in the process by soaking garlic Texas toast…no breadcrumbs for me!

I made the topping for the meatloaf in advance while the the bread is soaking. Grating the onions into the sauce is highly recommend. I’m an onion fanatic so you can never have enough onions for me.

I learned how to properly dice an onion by Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Gordon Ramsay. Say what you will about his personality, that chef has amazing knife techniques. I haven’t felt comfortable enough with a knife to better my cutting skills, but I can proudly say I can dice an onion like a pro.

One of my favorite parts of making a meatloaf is the blending of the ingredient. When else as an adult do you get to play with your food by using your hands? The inner child in me comes out!

I’m not a fan of solid meatloaf. I make sure I have enough wet ingredients to keep my meatloaf moist…YES…I used the cringeworthy word ‘moist’.

My finished results of the overall dinner was amazing. I know I made some bellies happy. (If not, hopefully they will just lie to me!)

A tasty dinner wouldn’t be the same without an even tastier dessert. I made a peanut butter brookie. This is full of peanut buttery goodness. I haven’t made this since my gallbladder tried to reject it many moons ago.

I couldn’t resist eating one fresh out of the oven, whilst praying my gallbladder did NOT regenerate while indulging…

My day of cooking and baking was successful, if I do say so myself…and I do!

To my favorite food blog loving friend, I’ll do new recipes this winter. Hang in there on me! I promise.

For everyone else…Peace out, Trout!

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