A Walk in Our Shoes

Temps today was an ultimate fall day. Not a fan. Chilly. Damp. Depressing. BUT…today was almost like old times (minus me complaining about the weather). I met my old running partner for a walk. I enjoy how close we are to each other, just barely over a mile. She sent a text and asked to meet halfway. Then we headed on to continue our walk.

In comparison to our running days, the path was near the same, and we solved a few world problems today, just like back then. The only difference from years ago is we didn’t run today. Our discussions revolved around dementia. I could talk all day about that subject. I lived it with my sweet mom.

Sara doesn’t know I took this picture…she may shoot me later.

Temps were a little cooler than I imagined, but we kept chugging along. I kept hoping my hands would warm up a bit, but it never happened. I’ll stop complaining about this weather…for now. At least it wasn’t raining…for that, I’m thankful! How’s that for positivity?!

Neighborhood was extremely busy. The funniest part were all the dueling political houses. If you saw a Trump sign, you would see a Biden sign next door. There were so many of these houses but I only captured one picture. The way society currently is, makes me wonder how the neighbors actually get along. All of the signs are still standing, so I’ll guess they must agree to disagree. Shocking!

Walking was a bit of a challenge today. I could feel it in places that weren’t very enjoyable, but I never told Sara. Sara needed to talk. I just walked and listened. The best friendships are those who just listen. No fixing or resolutions required. Just shut up and listen.

I really enjoyed seeing the neighborhood at a much slower pace. We went down roads I have never seen before, and didn’t even know they were tucked away. The original builder must have been a horse racing fan with the street names I came across. (Except Keeneland Street sign is missing an e…I’m sure it’s because Hoosiers must have trouble spelling Kentucky names.)

Sara walked me back halfway before we separated and went to our own homes. I was happy with how long and far we walked. Trust me I could feel it.

Look forward to doing it again next Sunday. Today we solved dementia issues. I wonder what will be on the agenda for next Sunday…

Until then…peace out, Trout!

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