Running with the Seasons

Leaves are falling all around that just tells me winter is on its way.

I stepped out to run today. This is the first time I have run, and much less blogged about running, in forever. I know all you runners have missed me. <insert sarcasm>

The sun was shining bright and I could not resist this beautiful day. As the seasons change, so must my route. Life has been a tad challenging lately and the only fix was a run. Here I go…

I ran through new territory today. Well, let’s call it more of a wog, faster than a walk, but slower than a jog. The neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. I went up and down roads I did not realize existed. I constantly checked my watch for distance. Even though I was still vertical, I had moments of knowing it’s been a while.

I was extremely surprised where I ended up at one point on my route. I made a turn and started down a path my old running partner and I trekked many years ago. So many of the world’s problems were solved along those roads back in the day.

I’m not a big fan of fall, only because I know winter is pushing right behind, but the best part about fall are the leaves. Anywhere I see leaves, I must run through them. I crossed the road a few times to go back and forth to run through leaves. I’m sure if someone saw me, they would think I was a psycho. Nah…just an overgrown kid.

My leg is hidden in the leaves flying everywhere

About halfway through the run, I realized I ate my yogurt too close to my running. I could feel my gallbladder regenerating with every step. Whew. Those phantom gallbladder pains are always haunting.

As I reached the end of my run, I was content that while I could tell it had felt like forever (2 months and 4 days to be exact) since my last run, I did not have to walk. My pace was not what it had been, but again, it has been a while.

I had considered myself a fair weather runner as I got older, but I may consider continue my running through the winter days. Who knows…I may even sign up for a race again. I always feel so much better after a run, no matter how sucky it is.

And I need new running shoes. These are the worst ones I have ever had.

Until next time… Peace out, Trout!

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