To Walk or Not To Walk

Today was amazingly perfect weather for November. Not a cloud in the sky. I could not wait to get out and take advantage of this beautiful day.

I met Sara for a walk. Today was a non-political, non-issue-solving kind of walk. We only talked about entertainment: books, movies, TV shows. The weather was too beautiful to stress about any negativity.

I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my exercise. I haven’t run in a few weeks. It’s been 20 days since I have walked with Sara. My hip is just not cooperating.

While the weather was beautiful, Sara and I had to cut the walk shorter. Sucks getting old and give in to pain. As I headed back to walk the mile back home, I had to slow down tremendously. I was to the point I could barely push off my leg. I walked in the road to avoid up/downs on curbs. Felt like it took forever…

Why am I writing all of this? I’m not looking for sympathy. I think those who have run for many moons, like myself, have reached this point in their lives. I have gone from running to walking, which I would imagine is less impact, but yet the pain is still there so much more intense now. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it back home without stopping to rest, but I powered through. In the end, I enjoyed the walk with my friend. It was the best escape from reality.

I have taken ibuprofen and put Voltaren on my hip. As I sit here with frozen corn on my hip, I wonder what my future in exercise will be. I have lost weight from all the diet and exercise. I thought less weight would help, but it has made no difference.

While I In the end, there was a beautiful tree that sparkled in the sunlight.

Peace Out, Trout!

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