A Different Way…

I have really been battling hip pain trying to run or walk. Makes me beyond frustrated. Then the weather is turning colder and days are shorter. Just a double whammy of negativity. I’m starting to get a little lazy in my eating. That’s a big no no. It has taken me eight months to get where I am today.

This morning I woke up to rainy, chilly weather. Since it’s Sunday, it the perfect ‘stay in my pj’s’ kind of day. I’m definitely not running, but this is not even weather to walk outdoors.

Thankfully I have friends in high places…you know those friends who not only have a gym membership, but a guest pass to boot. Go me! Sara asked me yesterday if I wanted to go to her gym with her today. She originally wanted to do a high impact class, but I knew my hip could not handle that. I told her I would do elliptical, but she could do whatever. She opted to join me.

Sara and I had to socially distance, but it’s not like we were there to chit chat anyway. Guns N Roses was cranking on the radio so that should be enough motivation for anyone to get moving. (I forgot my headphones)

I was actually pretty impressed with the elliptical. Definitely different movement, but no impact. This could be the path my hip needs to take. I felt typical muscle aches because I was working my quads in a different format.

I need this workout to build my thunder thighs back again. I miss my muscular legs.

Thank goodness for the music playing because the TVs were on college football highlights. That is so yesterday news. Today is Sunday…NFL. Get with the program, folks. I had to keep refreshing my phone to get Steelers’ score.

Thirty minutes surprisingly passed by pretty fast. I’m not sure if I pushed myself hard enough. At least I did something…even if it’s just once a week. Haha. Better than nothing, right?! (I crack myself up)

At the end of the workout, I felt absolutely zero pain in my hip. That is the first time in forever. As much as I love running with every ounce of my being, I may have to switch up my form of cardio. I was able to walk to my car without a limp. That says something there.

AND I finished the workout still smiling, which I haven’t done in months. We shall see my consistency. This weather wants me to just stay inside, but at least I pushed myself out of the recliner for today.

However, I did come home and eat a plate of chicken lo mein. I think I defeated the purpose of the workout. Que sera. Good workout, but even better lunch. Haha.

Oh well, till next time… Peace out, Trout!

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