Take Right Hip Out

This is a record for me…three days in a row of writing blogs. AND I love I have over 200 followers. WOW. I hope you all read my boring blogs! BUT…this one is not a food blog. I hope this doesn’t disappoint my food blog followers.

I planned to stay in my dog jammies all day. It is Sunday. Sunday is for football and food. However, the sun was peeking through and I shouldn’t waste those precious daylight minutes during slow time.

Stepping out, I could immediately tell the wind was going to be a beast, but I headed out anyway. I had to listen to the radio because something was going on with my podcasts…they were talking too fast and it affected my serial killer listening. (NOTE: I had to google when I got home and I must have changed the speed setting somehow.)

As I first started out, I thought wow…my hip is feeling good. Maybe it’s my gait when I walk that causes so much pain because I’m a heel striker when I walk, but a ball-of-foot striker when I run.

But NOOOO….at mile 0.70, yes I looked, the hip pain kicked in. I started gritting my teeth with every step. I’m having a hard time trying to accept that I probably should stop running and walking. How is it that something you love so much may have to come to an end?! I’m having a very difficult time accepting this.

I kept pushing through the pain. Mind over matter. I didn’t want to walk for fear of the pain being worse. Instead of running my normal three miles, I cut the route shorter as I didn’t want to be too far from home. I captured a beautiful picture of the wind blowing the American flag and thin blue line flag. If you look, there’s an orb on the American flag. I wonder whose spirit is shining through.

I made it home, but not without increased pain and stress. Even though I cut the route almost a mile short, I didn’t walk so I’m happy with that.

I hate the thought I may have to give up running. I took a shower, grabbed my frozen corn and Voltaren to put on my hip. After I sat down, I noticed horse racing was on my TV, instead of Brady playing. Not sure how that happened. Fox sports is messing with me today. As I sat there icing my hip, I realized the remote was on the counter. I’m going to have to watch horse racing for a while until I get the energy to to get up. Until then I hope my horse wins, even though I don’t bet. HA!

Peace out, Trout!

Light post over my left shoulder looks like a cross. 🙂

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