Breaking Out

I have not written in a while. Work has been super busy and by the end of my day, I’m too tired to do any more on the computer. But today I am determined!

Last week we received inches upon inches of snow. I hated every flake of it. Even though I work from home, I felt trapped. My sweet Gracie Mae was not loving it either. However, things took a tremendous change in the past few days.

When I woke up a week ago today, it was only 5. The wind chill was -8. That is Fahrenheit, folks, not Celsius! However, this week, it reached the 60s. What the heck?! They say around here if you don’t like the weather, just give it a few hours and it will change. This is so true.

Sara wanted to change up routine and get the heck outside. We both needed to break out. I know my stagnant WFH brain needed the fresh air. We went down to a local sports park to walk the loop. Since the weather was AHHHH MAY ZING, I could not resist wearing shorts. Ignore my banged up, white as snow, legs.

Sara and I started out fast. I was excited. We were pushing it hard. We even did a little jog. But Sara said she could not go very far jogging. She blames it on old age. In all honesty, we are just out of shape.

The cool thing about this little park is along the way are different exercise equipment that uses isometrics of your body weight to complete. I had been on this path before, but Sara had not. She decided she wanted to stop at each station. Our first station was a leg press. Mind you…Sara is MUCH shorter than me. She’s a former gymnast, too. She had no trouble getting on that damn thing. I, on the other hand, struggled. I liked to have never gotten on the machine, must less get back off. No pictures were taken during this because it was quite embarrassing!

I kept telling Sara of a machine that is impossible. You have to lift your own weight. Of course, she couldn’t do it either. But she enjoyed the shoulder press.

By the start of our second lap, she was still pushing me to go fast. Well…let’s say I THOUGHT that’s what she was doing until she finally screamed at me, “I can’t keep up with your long legs.” When we started off so fast in the beginning, I thought it was her pushing me. But she was actually having to nearly jog with her short legs to keep up with my long legs. I thought she was wanting to go faster, so I sped up to the point we were jogging. I laughed so hard.

We completed a little more than two laps and walked a total of 2.85 miles, which is the most we have done in a while. The fresh air did my soul (and mind) well. I laughed harder than I have in a long time. Something I needed desperately. Sharing this moment with one of my dearest friends was icing on the cake.

Being outside felt amazing. I cannot wait for spring to get here and stay. I need more of these days. I’m glad to get out and move my body. It’s been trapped and held captive for too long. Move those bodies…work those hearts. You are worth it.

I couldn’t resist posting the weather picture below because it looks like my sweet GMae.

Peace out, Trout!

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