Mental Reality Break

Spring is here. Temps are rising. Why isn’t my booty outside? Work is crazy. I’m mentally tired which tells my body that I’m physically tired. Or am I mentally lazy?? Do I need a mental reality break?

How do we make our minds stronger? My biggest struggle as I’m still working from home for a couple more months is that I struggle separating myself from work. It’s easy to get up and jump straight into work. How do I close the laptop and step away?

I told myself (and even my manager) I would step away more, but the work keeps sucking me back in. It’s my need to always be addressing things to keep the flow going. My stresses drain me to the point I barely have the energy to walk my dog a block. What is wrong with me? I could easily crash and burn.

Twenty years ago I used to journal all the time. It was a great escape. I journaled a little when my mom passed. And then I started blogging, which in essence, is a bit of journaling. Recently I picked up journaling again. I don’t do it often, but just enough to have a mental release.

How else can you mentally separate from your stresses?

  • At lunchtime, take a 20-30 minute walk/run. Listen to music or a podcast. Do not check your email, messages, or even answer your phone during this time.
  • Go to a park and people watch There’s a park where I like to watch the ducks in the pond. I love how ducks flip upside down with their booties in the air. I could seriously do that all day long. (I’m easily entertained)
google pic
  • Join a small group or a book club. This gives the human interaction we have been lacking during a year of quarantine.
  • Schedule lunch, or dinner, dates with friends. There’s nothing sweeter than laughing with a friend.
  • Take a short nap. This is the one thing that makes me jealous of others. I have never been a napper. I keep a neck pillow and a blindfold next to me during the day, thinking I’ll take a nap, but I never do. However, I have had moments where I’ll just lay there for a few minutes. Those moments of rest do help.
  • Journal your thoughts. Journal your day. Journal your wishes, hopes, dreams.

I’m no expert in how to mentally break from your stresses. However, I know it’s necessary for survival. Right now I feel I am more talk in this blog than I am in the real world. I struggle daily with this.

Start each day positive for your mental health. Your work will be more productive. Your family will love you more. You will love YOU more. Reset your mind.

Until next time, peace out, trouts!

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