But Did I Die?

Sara, my former running partner and local BFF, has invited me multiple times to attend a core class. I just wasn’t into the effort. However, spring is literally just around the corner, so I figured I would try it one time. Before going, I tried to entice her with our favorite pizza first. She didn’t cave. Dang it. I told her if I died, I was never going back. (I crack myself up)

I was smiling before we started. Sara was oblivious.

We had to grab a mat, rubber bands (and not the ones to make a ponytail), and two weights.

I thought the class was only half hour. Oh no….45 minutes. So the instructor said we would warm up first. On the mike she said, 45 minute warm-up. I guess my comment came out loud. I said, “45 minutes for just the warm up” The instructor laughed and said, “FOUR TO FIVE minute warm up”. OH…i get it. whew. I was worried!

Started off and I was…okay. I think I can do this. We started off with just the band first. I’m actually learning some new exercises. Most everyone was in the room has been here before. I had to watch the instructor closely in order to maintain proper execution of the technique. This is not a class where you want to pull something in the wrong way.

We progressed to using the weights. Then we started combining both. About halfway through, I was starting to question Sara’s friendship to me. Was she really trying to kill me?

Halfway through, they switched instructors. Oh….I didn’t like that one. I have vertigo. She had us doing crazy plank exercises. I didn’t have trouble with that. As soon as we so many of those, we had to flip and do the crunchy frog. The only crunchy frog I have ever heard of or had were fried frog legs. After a couple cycles of those, vertigo was kicking in. My body was struggling with the flipping back and forth. If I wasn’t going to die, I may puke.

After that circuit, we had to stand up. I couldn’t do that exercise as my head was trying to gain balance. My word. There were final exercises standing up with both the bands and the hand weights.

We ended stretching on the floor. I thought for a moment if I was going to die, but obviously I lived to tell the story.
I didn’t take an after picture because my shoulders felt like wet spaghetti noodles. I could not hold my arms high enough to snap a shot.

That class was two days ago. My quads are still giving me a bit of trouble bending and trying to go potty. I simply fall back. I need to invest in a high toilet. I sent Sara a text and asked if we were going back next Monday. What can I say? I’m gluttoned for punishment!

I need this 45 minutes of muscle burning hell to escape from reality. I enjoyed it.

Peace Out, Trout!

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