Bring on the Heat

I completed this week running three times. SHOCKING. I have not done this in so long. Today was hot and humid, my favorite weather. I love the sweating out toxins.

My favorite former manager reads my blogs. I know she read my last one about what my dad said about smiling. She posted on my Facebook the day before to “Just keep smiling.” That made my heart smile. What she didn’t realize was at the time I saw that post, I was literally walking out the door to meet a realtor about putting my dad’s house up for sale. I painted that big smile on my face and never allowed it to falter during the entire meeting. Thanks, JC! You were my little angel I needed! xoxo

On to my run…I was a little excited to run today. Jimbo would have been excited, and disappointed, about my almost KISS picture. He adored that scary band and even had a collection of pictures of people doing the pose. The only thing I didn’t do was stick out my tongue. 555

Jimbo would call me insane because he could never understand my dang running. He always wanted to know what I was running from, and where I was running to. I would say I’m running from reality and running to inner peace. Dang…I miss him and our sarcastic banter.

Before I reached mile one I already had a stitch. I changed my breathing to slow, shallow breaths to push through the pain. Dang it. It took nearly 3/4 of a mile before it finally surpassed. When I get a stitch, I never give in. I have learned how to push through and make it mind over matter.

As I reached my turnaround spot to where my final distance would be 2.3 miles, I wondered if I could push it a little farther. I added a couple extra blocks before turning around. I’m so glad I did. There was older man mowing his grass. As I passed his yard, he gave me a thumbs up and told me, “Good job.” Those little encouragements give me an extra boost to keep going.

My steps became lighter and it was as if I was starting to bounce on clouds.

I was excited to look at my watch to see my distance. I ran my block a couple times to add a little distance just so I could make a solid finish. To my excitement, I was able to run 3 miles without stopping. It has been so long since I have done this. I kept a consistent 10 minute pace, which I’m ecstatic about it.

When I finished, I sat down and worked a couple more hours. I knew I still had to tackle that beast of a yard. It has rained so much this week, my yard was becoming a forest. I felt so much more energy, even just going on a few hours’ sleep.

I’m still smiling at the end of my running and yard mowing….somewhat…maybe just on the inside.

Today was a good day. I hope to have more of these. I sat outside ‘waiting’ on my 4:30 call. Had my two favorites in tow: GMae and Bud Light. Does it get any better?

Peace out, Trout.

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