Mental Break

Tough morning. I was really missing the ones I love. I worked in my garage to fill the void. That was short-lived. I have it just about completely organized. I received an email that paperwork to put my dad’s house on the market was ready, but am I? I’m selling it simply “as is”. I just cannot bring my heart to change how my dad had it, but it needs to be sold, nonetheless. Ready or not…it should hit the market tomorrow. Dang it.

I changed clothes and decided to head out the door. I needed to run. There was not a cloud in the sky. Radio cranked up in my headphones and tried to let go of the moments. No tears during this run.

I found one of my favorite headbands. I have taught women’s self-defense for so many years. What I have taught came into play yesterday. I had a major creepster following me in the store yesterday. I wasn’t afraid, but I was totally aware of everything. He was following me so close at one time, he was nearly on my heels. I turned around during his loud calls at me and gave him a “Don’t F with me” look. I was able to get out of there safely without him being able to follow me in my car. The guy had no idea I wasn’t a dumb blonde…and he definitely didn’t know I’m a 2A supporter. Proud carrier of it. While I was running, all of that moment yesterday went through my head. I was proud for handling everything calmly. Everything I did was right. I love this headband because of its validity.

Even though the temps were in the 90s and the sun was shining bright, there was a slight breeze. I really enjoyed running today. I needed that moment to pound my heartache into the pavement. At times I don’t know how many pieces are left in my heart that aren’t shattered. I cannot even recall one song that played on the radio because my mind was spinning nonstop.

I finished at a slower speed than Friday, but I still completed three miles. Today wasn’t about time, but I still recorded it because I’m a numbers person. I just like to track it.

If I were a napper, this would be a good time. My body exhausted energy in the run and left what I could on the road. GMae greeted me with kisses, but I think it was primarily because I was pouring in sweat. haha. I think I’ll take tomorrow off just to give my body much-needed rest.

Until next time…peace out, Trout!

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