Back At It

To say I get 4-5 hours sleep a night is an understatement. My job is global. I am on a project that is trying to kill me. My Type A personality doesn’t allow me to sleep much. I cannot turn off my brain and constantly think of what I have to do. I was talking to Singapore at 11 pm last night. Up at 3:30 am this morning talking to India. Afternoon talking to England. Tonight talking to Australia. When you’re global, there is never a downtime. But there is a bit of satisfaction in global communication.

Along with my work stress, it has been raining a lot! I swear my back yard looks like a forest. I don’t know when I’m going to get to mow my grass due to heavy saturation. Suddenly at lunchtime, the stars aligned and the clouds parted. I debated on if I had time to run. I literally walked into the kitchen to eat. My mind started racing… racing…running. haha. I crack myself up. Running definitely keeps me from losing it mentally. I only had 45 minutes before my next call. I have barely had water so I knew a stitch would entail. What the hell! GO!

Grab a quick selfie smiling. And I love my new color of sports bra. It’s the little things!

Always smiling. Daddy always told me no matter how tough life is, always smile. How you handle your situations says a lot about you. Dory says, “Just keep swimming.” Daddy says, “Just keep smiling.” I thought a lot about him during my run. I even poured tears while running. Yesterday he’s been gone a month. A month since I heard him say, “I love my baby.” But I kept smiling through the tears as cars would pass.

Since I only had now 40 minutes to run, shower, and get settled for a meeting, I cut my run to only 2 miles, rather than the big whopping 2.5. haha. Takes me longer to run anymore so I couldn’t take any chances.

I couldn’t believe the sunshine throughout my run. I scared a poor girl but laughed because I was cool with it. I saw a car drifting over heading my direction. I’m sure she was either looking at her phone or just dazed off for a moment. She suddenly juked the car fast. She was waving and mouthing “Sorry.” I smiled and waved. Still another reminder I need to get a new ID ordered for my shoe.

The run was a little tough due to doing it such last minute. The numbers person that I am had to record it. Not happy. Could have been better. Barely average.

But I did it! And NO stitch. WHAAAAT! Still smiling at the end, primarily just happy it was over…

No sooner than I crashed to start my afternoon call, the sun disappeared and the sky opened to heavy rains. I’m going to need to bush hog my yard by the weekend. Dang it.

While my body is older and my joints are screaming, I’m beyond content. I’m back at my running weight I was so many years ago. Being lighter does NOT make you faster. Being skinny does NOT make you fit. However, it does keep me from feeling like a hippo with every step. I’m feeling lighter on my feet. Since I’m a ball-of-foot runner, I need to be as light as I can. And I run for me…I cannot get out of my own head. PLUS I’m digging my new shoes. Glad I found some that work with my older joints and million injuries. Not as cushioned as I would like, but it does have the stability I need.

Running is giving me back my blogging obsession again. Seems like in the winter I write about cooking and in the summer I write about running. It’s all relative.

Blew a kiss to the heavens. I know Daddy kept that sun shining for me so I could squeeze in a run today.

While I ice my hip and elevate my ankle, I’m finding my running mojo again. Until next time, peace out, trout!

2 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Kristi the coffee lover

    My mom always called me baby! Now my aunt calls me on my birthday to say, Happy Birthday, baby! It makes me cry everytime. So from 3/14/2010 the day mom died she would call me each 8/23 to say it!

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