Starting Over

A blog two days in a row. I’m starting over in so many ways, but today is about starting over running again. I got an injection in my right hip over three weeks ago. Actually this was my second injection. I haven’t run since before my first injection in early October. My doctor stated I could run if I avoided hills. This is my 25th year of running and I just miss it. Even if my doctor said I couldn’t run, I would have done it anyway. I’m trying to find my happy. I haven’t felt ‘happy’ in a long time. Running gives me a break from reality.

I had to buy new shoes. I know some people absolutely love Hoka shoes, but they just could not cut it for me. Those shoes rubbed the worst blister on the outside of my feet. I take too much care of my feet since I walk on them all the time (not always gracefully, but still..), I could not tolerate the horrible blisters. I was always a Brooks Adrenaline fan and swore by them (for more than half of my running years), until two years ago. They changed the build of the shoe and it no longer served my severe overpronation. I went with Asics this time, and I even paid more for the awesome color.

I listen to country music while I run. It seems any time I am streaming iHeartRadio, I swear Jason Aldean’s “Got What I Got” comes on. This run was no exception. I love that song so much I even have a picture with the lyrics. We all have that love we long to spend our forever with…

Anywho…I started off the run smiling. Shoes seem to feel pretty decent. Not as cushioned as I hoped, but the stability feels fantastic. Why is it you lose something every time you move, or is it just me? I have a bad habit of ‘putting things away’ when I really hide them from myself. I can only find a couple of my running headbands. I do love the Steelers, but I was really hoping for my flag since it is Memorial Day.

I really love my neighborhood. People seem friendly. AND I don’t have to worry about running on a road where someone will try to run me off. However…reminder I need a new ID for my shoe. If I do get hit, I’ll be easily identifiable. haha

A feather caught my eye during a run. I associate that to my mom sending me a feather from her wings. I always stop to pick it up. I put it in a ziplock and place it in her Bible. Her Bible is full of many feathers I have found randomly.

I ended up completing 2.3 miles. Not as fast as I used to be, but very happy running that far without stopping. My running spirit is still there. I hope I can keep up with it. I didn’t have a pain in my right hip. My ankle was troubling…I may have to end up wrapping. But whew…my left hip gave me fits. (Don’t tell my doctor!) I’m sure it’s all par for the course. Getting old sucks.

This blog was definitely all over the place, but that’s exactly how my mind works all the time. This is a just a smidge of what goes on in my noodle. It’s far worse when I’m running.

Very proud of myself for doing this. Rain is moving in so I hope I can get back out some time this week. Eventually I’ll work up to three miles like old days, as long as my joints can hold up to it. As of right now, I do like the shoes. And they are $50 cheaper than those damn Hokas. More doesn’t always mean better!

Until next time…Peace out, Trout!

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