All With Pearls

I love pearls. I always have. My lifelong friend’s grandmother gave me a ‘fake’ pearl necklace on my 16th birthday. I remember it so much. Kind of a funny laugh when I think about it. Miranda’s dad was driving us to church. I was sitting behind Doug and his mom, Miranda’s grandmother, was sitting next to me. I opened the gift. She said the old saying….”Sweet 16 and never been kissed. Hopefully those pearls bring you luck.” Doug looked at me in the rearview mirror and said, “We know differently, don’t we, Micki?” I can still picture that and exactly where we were on the road. My face turned EVERY shade of red. Doug saw my first ‘real’ kiss. (Like tongue and all…) I still smile when I think of that moment. I never knew my precious Dad2 would pass two short years later of cancer. But I do have that memory!

Back to my pearls. I knew those weren’t real pearls, but I loved them just the same. I wore them every day, even while the clasp started getting weak. They held up to my mid 20s. I have wanted a pair since….but I wanted real ones. I wanted a pair like Julia Child. I want to cook and clean in my pearls….maybe even wear heels with my pearls. Maybe ONLY wear pearls while I cook and clean.

Fast forward more than 20 years later, and still no pearls. Even hints of pearls never worked out. My niece and I were talking the day before my birthday about nothing at all. Random things. We talked about a daughter’s ring my parents gave me. We talked about no matter the nominal value, or lack of, it is all about sentimental value. I made a comment about how much I loved pearls. They are just classy. I’m simple.

Missy wanted to stop by on my birthday and I could barely hold back tears. It had already been an emotional day anyway. Missy gave me a beautiful pearl set. Real ones. You can even tell by the weight. I told her I would wear them ALL the time.

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I have told Miss Priss, as I call her, the pearls are already bringing me good luck. I wear them everywhere. Took them on a run with me and had my best run in over 7 years!

I got to thinking if it works for running, will it work for lifting? I haven’t actually lifted in 7 years. Yes…7 years on lifting, too. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. I was at my best physique in 2014. I had a six pack and unbelievable back muscles. Every day I came home and tried to do pull ups (unassisted). I mastered myself to do five. How can I get back into this again??

My pearls.

When I walked into the gym for the first time, it felt a little odd. I’m actually here to lift. I sat down on a machine and could hear a couple talking about me a couple machines over. They were complimenting my shoes. I could hear them because they were talking over their headphones. I just smiled. And I do like my yellow kicks. They are happy. (I’m such a squirrel in talking) Let’s pause for a moment for a quick admiration.

I only did one machine and could tell I has been a VERY long time since I have done one bicep curl. Whew. I checked myself in the mirror…as everyone does at a gym…and could see my pearls. I knew I had this workout…no matter how difficult it seemed. I can’t be too hard on myself because it is my first time back here. But look at my pearls….

I carried myself high as I stopped at the assisted pull up machine. The beast… I know I cannot even do half of a pull up unassisted so I better get some help. I won’t tell you how much I had to add to help my weak arms pull my body weight. All that matters is I achieved three sets. Must build those traps again!

I finished my bicep workout. I enjoyed going in on my own, listening to my true crime podcast, and walking out. This workout told me how weak I am, but it also reminded me of how much I enjoy (and missed) lifting. Hope to squeeze it all with my running.

I know the inspiration comes from my pearls.

Until my next adventure. Peace out, Trout!

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