Spicy Seasoned Chicken and Veggies

It has been forever since I wrote a food blog. I don’t cook an awful lot in the summer. At least that can keep me a little skinnier. Winter has me cooking more comfort foods. I hope to break the cycle this winter. 🙂

I am an Aldi’s lover. I love the store and pretty much every thing about it. I even belong on an Aldi’s Facebook page for loving the Aisle of Shame goodies. If you are not an Aldi’s nerd, you just won’t get it.

Today I made an all Aldi’s ingredients dish. It started off with finding this special steal of chicken breast ‘kabob’ meat for 50% off. This was meat from their July 4th promos. It was right at the edge of sell by date. I bought two packages – one to cook and one to freeze.

I started off sautéing 1/4 of two different bell peppers and chopped onion with olive oil in a skillet.

I misjudged how much meat was in one package. For me there was enough for three servings. I pulled out enough that seemed to equate to one chicken booby. I patted it dry and set it on a paper plate. I found a little tasty magic in some random seasoning from Aldi’s. I went ahead and seasoned one side with this yummy goodness. And then waited while the peppers and onions cooked down enough to my liking.

I added a smidge of olive oil to the skillet before I married the chicken to the veggies. I created pockets in the skillet just so the chicken would have solid spots to cook. I laid it down season side to the skillet. I used this time to season the other. This lessens having seasoning all over the place. Common knowledge, I would say.

It’s pretty easy to tell how well the chicken is cooking. The pink on the sides turn to white. I would recommend a few minutes on each. Do not undercook chicken or you risk getting sick. bluh. Do not overcook chicken or it will so dang dry. Chicken boobies are already dry anyway….tread lightly and gentle.

As I was watching it cook (and making up this recipe as I went along), I needed something extra. I grabbed my low sodium soy sauce and just added a dash to the dish. I shook the skillet to make sure all was covered before it evaporated fast in the heat. I could tell it took the dish to a higher level.

Served it in my fancy Aldi’s bowl. And could not wait to indulge. To all of my Keto followers. This is 1000000% Keto! Dig in and enjoy. I could barely stand to take a final picture because it smelled so delicious. And it tasted it even better

If you are an Aldi’s nerd like me, all products all the way down to paper products were purchased there. If you are not an Aldi’s nerd, what are you waiting for? Their items are AHHHH MAY ZING!

Peace out, Trout!

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