Sunday Funday Runday

It has been raining a monsoon lately. Many flash flood downpours. I didn’t plan on running today, but when I checked the weather and saw I had enough time to jump outside before more rain, out the door I went.

I didn’t prepare for running. I wasn’t hydrated enough. Typical Midwest weather. It was cloudy but muggy like there was no tomorrow. I thought I would give it a whirl. I think I’m cheesing a bit too hard in my before pic. ha

I guess the rains brought all the gooses out on the town. (I know they are geese and not gooses, but this is my blog!) Within a few feet I saw a few gooses and those suckers were not budging. When I was little, my granddaddy had a goose he kept in the bathroom. Don’t ask me why…I don’t know. But that was one mean son of a gun. I couldn’t ever go potty because it would honk and bite. Traumatizing. Anytime I see them today, it takes me back to my childhood. So…I went completely on the opposite side of the road. Wasn’t taking any chances…

I picked up my pace to get around them. Turned the corner to go my normal route. Seriously…more gooses. However, this was a little different. There were two babies. Still went to the other side, but dang it. I’m having near heart attacks at every turn. I respected their space and hurried along.

My running feels the strongest in more than 7 years. I think I found a decent pair of shoes that are working for my ankle and hip. Loving my Asics. I hope writing this doesn’t jinx me. So far my joints are holding up as well as can be. My ortho guy and I have a hate/hate relationship. I challenge everything he says. I think I have frustrated him with every visit. I know my body…not my first rodeo. With exception of my hip being wear/tear of 25 years pounding the pavement, all of my ankle injuries have never occurred during running. I typically allow them to heal on their own because I have bad overpronating ankles. I guess I do like their sports clinic because I can show up to get an X-ray without needing an appointment. However, my worst injury was two years ago. I missed a step and twisted an ankle. What I thought was my typical sprained ankle turned into a stupid stress fracture in my tibia. It took a bone scan to find the culprit. I was pretty angry when I was watching the bone scan. The radiology tech kept talking to me because I could see the dye pool in the area. He could see my frustration, which made me a bit irritable in the office. I knew ortho would tell me I couldn’t run…and he did, but I was stubborn. Most runners never accept injuries. Initially I wasn’t healing like I should, so the ortho dude put me entirely non-weight bearing. I mean NO WEIGHT AT ALL. I have been to that stupid office so much, I used to have a collection of ankle devices. I think the therapy folks were tired of seeing me…but not as much as I. This time I had to end up getting a knee cart because I was cheating with my crutches. I remember my injury occurring April 2 and doctor didn’t release me for weight bearing till September 23. My entire summer! Even though he released me for weight bearing, he didn’t want me to run for another 6 months. The positive side was even though this was my right leg, he did allow me to drive. His resident kept saying I couldn’t and went against him. I felt like I was sitting at the table while mom and dad argued. Resident said driving is weight bearing. Ortho said it’s not as I was only pushing. I sat quietly until he overruled her because, well, she was his resident. He told me how I could get away with driving….keep my crutches or cart in the back seat. If I get pulled over for anything, tell the cop I was taking them to a friend. That’s been the only cool thing about him. Otherwise not a fan….so I only go when pain becomes unbearable. I do overall like their office…I think they are the best ortho folks in town, but I’m always told I can’t run when I go…I just can’t handle that negativity.

Back to my running…this is what happens in my head while I’m running…my thoughts venture into left field. The humidity was thick today. I was pouring in sweat. All I cared about was just finishing. I was completely floored at my finish, ecstatic actually. My first mile was fast because of all of the damn gooses everywhere, including the gaggle on one corner. I’m nowhere near the speed I was 7 years ago when I could run a consistent 6 min mile, but to have the pace I had today, I will take it. I really never expected to reach a 10 min mile. My unplanned day to run turned out to be my best in forrrrreeevverrrrrr. GO ME!

I’ll end on this positive note. I can tell my efforts are paying off. With my numerous losses (including weight), I’m gaining so much more! I’m totally back in my running game. I hope I can keep it up come winter. I haven’t run in bitter cold in forever. Time will tell.

But until then….Peace out, Trout!

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