In The Clouds

I’m late on writing this blog, but better late than never. Work has been insanely busy and have no energy to do much else.

My mood on Monday was very mixed. Work was nearly too much. In the afternoon I knew I had to take care of another piece of my dad’s estate. Anything to do with that tears at my heart. I needed to run today for release….and I knew storms were moving in this week.

Stepped outside to the normal humidity. I love this weather. Just makes me smile so big!

Immediately with the humidity, I kept my speed slow. I wasn’t going to take a chance of gassing out. If you are not used to being outside in thick humidity, it can do a number on breathing. I forgot to use my inhaler, but I only need it on these days. My lungs feel so full with this sticky air. I just chugged on and monitored my breathing.

I love scanning the sky and the trees. I look for birds. I typically see cardinals flying around and that makes my heart feel so warm. I like to think my spirits are running with me.

I was going through so many thoughts in my head during this run. I was thinking about how blessed I am to have all the friends in my life. Some have come out of the woodwork. They say during hard times, true colors come out. That could not be more true. On the flipside of my thoughts was knowing I had to deal with another piece of my dad’s estate. I know these instances are becoming less. Could I get through this afternoon without crying?

I finished slower than I have been, but I’m still content. It was a hot run, but I love the heat. I kept looking up. The focus was much greater than looking down.

Near the end of the run I found a feather right in my path. I hadn’t found one in a while. I know that was my mom telling she was with me. I always need my mom. I know she can feel my heart.

Since I’m writing this blog after the fact. Afternoon for my dad didn’t go too well. I swear I felt like Jackie from the show “Roseanne” when she had to call her hard hearing aunt to tell her their dad passed. She was screaming, “DAD IS DEAD. DEAD. HE’S DEAD!” I pretty much had to do that and it made me feel like crap, but people don’t listen. I’m glad the end of his estate is drawing near, even though a piece of me is dreading that because it’s the finality of it all.

As Daddy always said, “Just keep smiling.”

Peace out, Trout!

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