You’re Not My Dad…

Do you ever get that feeling when someone ‘suggests’ something you should do, but you are not good at following orders? This was my last week.

I’ve been doing AMAZING in my running. However, my hip pain is back. Push off is severe. Dang it. A week ago, I had to break down and visit the ortho. I was more angry than anything. Just fix me. I have a race on August 14. He took X-rays just to make sure nothing has changed with bone structure.

When he walked in the room following my X-rays, I said immediately, “I’m not going to stop running…so just make this work.” No sign of a stress fracture. Now what…. He looked at me and said, “You’re obviously doing something when you’re running to cause this”

I gave the ultimate RBF. And then I replied AGAIN calmly, “I’m not going to stop running.” He gave me a look back and said, “Well, I guess I’ll give you another shot.” I know he was insinuating me stop running. You’re not my dad…you can’t tell me what to do. Any runner knows how difficult those words are. I literally just got BACK into running.

He gave me a shot. I swear it was more painful than the other two I have received. I have no idea why. As he was walking out, he commented to call when I needed another shot. Suggested every six months. I know I pissed him off; I could tell by the way he was looking at me and walked out of the room. Nurse was finishing me up and commented that I could get another in three months if I needed it. She had a little more compassion. My ortho is (obviously) not a runner; I think my nurse was an athlete of some sorts, possibly a runner. She was asking about my mileage and speed. Even showed compassion in how someone never wants to give up something they love so much. YES!

Day 1 post injection. Holy Crap! This hurts.

Day 2 post injection. WTH is going on. I can’t put weight on my leg. I have never had this much pain from a cortisone shot before. Did he hit something?

Day 3 post injection. OK…I think I can walk again…maybe. I ordered grocery pick up because I knew I couldn’t walk far in the store.

Day 4 post injection. Finally..relief. I need to mow my forest of a yard.

Day 5 post injection. I still don’t think I can run. My hip aches like a toothache.

Is this karma? Are the gods telling me to stop running? STFU! I have to do this race in celebration of my brother.

Today is Day 6. I thought I could try to run today, but I better not. I need to be strong for the race on Saturday. I cannot let my family down, especially my brother. So other fears pop in my head. How much endurance am I losing? How much weight am I gaining? How am I going to do this?

I don’t take kindly to people telling me what to do.

Runners with injuries get me. It’s the worst thing to be told you can’t run. So often we run on injuries rather than resting. I’m really going to try to rest. I have a busy week ahead and hope I can get this figured out.

I feel a bit disheartened right now… I’ll follow up later this week if I feel strong enough to run.

Peace out, Trout!

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