The Day Has Come…

Eight days ago I had my hip replacement surgery. I am just now blogging about it, primarily because I am just now getting the pain under control and can focus better.

I’ll carry my followers through what my manager described as ‘hellacious hip replacement recovery misadventures’. She has kept in close contact. She even gifted me a journal to capture moments so I can one day, hopefully, look back and laugh, and see how far I have come.

I have journaled. And now I’m going to put some of those moments into a blog. I have no shame. It was insanely crazy.

Those who knew about my surgery ahead of time said I would be fine. Ugh. That drove me fbomb insane. Easy to say when you are not the one going through it.

I had amazing staff around me. I’m not a crier. My lifelong friend and fiancé were my two people I chose to be with me. When Miranda hugged me prior to surgery, she held me and prayed. All I could do was cry. Damnit.

My OR nurse knew I was scared of going under and not being in control. I have had surgery before so I’m not sure why I was nervous this time. When I had to get my spinal in OR, my nurse cradled me while it happened. I’ll never forget his compassion in ensuring I was safe.

My anesthesia was a shorter man. Right before he gave me the spinal, he said, “You’re going to feel a little prick behind you.” I asked if he calls himself that all the time. He totally got the joke and laughed. He said to not make him laugh until after he’s done. Spinal went well and suddenly my legs felt like they weighed a ton.

He put the mask on and told me to take five deep breaths. I only remember the third breath. When I opened my eyes, I was in recovery and the anesthesiologist was placing my anesthesia ball into my leg.

Whew that was over.

In my Stryker bed

I couldn’t wait to see Jim and Miranda. My nurse gave me Dilaudid to help with pain. I had three tasks before I could go home: eat, pee, and walk. I couldn’t walk until spinal wore off and I didn’t feel the need to pee but I am dying for coffee.

My nurse ordered late breakfast for me. Before it arrived, I puked. Most likely the pain pill on an empty stomach. Dang it.

I ate some of my food. A couple hours later, the nurse gave me Dilaudid again and asked me to walk. But first, let’s try to pee. I could stand and walk slow. Wow. I was successful in peeing. Go me. Haha.

I walked all the way down the hall. As I was heading back, I felt suddenly nauseous. Without warning, I puked. Damnit. The staff reacted so fast, I couldn’t respond. They thought it was getting vertical. And I was in so much pain.

They switched me to a recliner to ease pain. I was given more Dilaudid and tried to rest.

Nurse walked in around 2 and said I could go home. I achieved everything. As she pulled out my clothes, I started puking a ton. I was so pissed. I knew they wouldn’t let me go. I have to be able to hold food and pain meds down.

I sent Jim out to eat. Nurse and I figured this is a response to Dilaudid. I have similar reaction to Demerol. Nurse ordered more food, gave me phenergran and wanted to give different meds before I could leave.

I was disappointed. But I’m determined to get home. I finally was able to go at 5:15.

It had been raining so hard all day long. As we were heading home, the skies started to clear and a beautiful rainbow followed us home. Hope.

But I’m home…now the real fun begins …. And I realize something significant. No more running

I’ll blog more later. Peace out, Trouts!

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