Painful Day

It has taken me a week to finally decide to talk about this. People tell me hip replacement isn’t as bad as knee replacement. STFU. It’s still a major joint. Quit fbombing downplaying it.

I can handle pain. I refused all pain meds prior to surgery and pushed through. This pain was unbearable. For two days I painfully dragged my leg to the bathroom. I could not let my foot drop a millimeter or the I would have severe pain. Gravity was the devil.

But the worst was last Friday morning.

My fiancé helped me up to go potty as he always does. When I was on the toilet, I noticed I was nauseous and shaking. I thought I was getting ready to puke. I even told Jim to get something for me.

I stopped in the doorway as I was going back to bed to catch my breath while Jim was straightening the bed. Every step took everything in me. This morning was no exception.

The next minute I couldn’t understand why Jim was screaming so much in a nightmare. Finally it occurred to me, Jim was in my face screaming, “Look at me, Nancy!”

I remember looking around, and still not sinking in that I was on the floor.

Holy shit. I passed out and fell.

I have never passed out before. Complete blackout. All I remember was standing in doorway to catch my breath and then I thought I was in bed with Jim having a nightmare.

Poor Jim was traumatized. He said I was out for almost a minute. He was close to calling 911.

My biggest fear was dislocation of the hip. I have been in so much pain that the thought of going back into surgery terrified me.

Jim and I sat in the floor until I was competent enough to get my bearings to stand up. My hip felt in place. I had such a terrible pain just below left shoulder blade. I hit the corner of the bed frame.

He helped me get back in bed. My strong side (left side) is now in excruciating pain. That’s the side I push off from. I’m a fbomb hot mess. But God was looking out for me. My hip was not touched or affected in any way. It’s like the bed broke my fall but I was gently sat on the floor.

I notified the surgeon just so it was documented.

Last Friday was so traumatic. Jim couldn’t even talk about it the rest of the day because he was so shook up about it. I’m grateful for his love and compassion.

A week later my ribs are still so bruised and in pain. I can’t cough or take a deep breath without pain, but my hip is okay. I could have easily broken a rib; I don’t know. I’m just glad my hip is okay.

I don’t have any pics worthy of sharing publicly, but I will close with one of my baby girl.

Thanks for being with me on my journey. Peace out, trouts.

5 thoughts on “Painful Day

  1. Kristi L Eggers

    Nancy, I am so sorry you fell and passed out! I am so thankful for Jim in your life.
    Praying you get better each day. Pain meds while not fun do have their place in recovery. You are a stubborn gal! Sending my love!

    Liked by 1 person

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