Today is four weeks since my hip was replaced. The first two weeks were pure hell. I cannot and will not sugar coat it. I got tired of people telling me hip is easier than knee. They aren’t me. From someone who was an avid runner and never stopped, this was excruciatingly difficult. The pain far exceeded anything I have ever felt.

What was worse? My quad would not fire.

What does that mean? When I would lay flat, I would construct my quad. My brain would tell my quad to lift. And my leg did not budge. It was both frustrating and worrisome. The only way to describe it was that it felt as if it were paralyzed.

When I saw the PA to get staples out (I had 19, by the way. Why not an even 20?), she could sense my anguish. She explained that recovery is tougher on more athletic people as their quads are bigger and stronger. As the cuts are made during surgery, the quads are completely disrupted. I don’t know if she was saying that to make me feel better or if that’s true. I get it. Or I’m trying to be patient and get it.

A few accomplishments thus far…. I have completely graduated to a cane and put the walker aside. I walk slow and with a big limp. I have driven once to go to Walgreens. The driving didn’t make me nervous, but getting in and out of my car and walking in did. I was worried I would fall. I went out to eat for the first time. I was shaking from being so nervous, but I did it. Restaurant staff saw me coming when Jim dropped me off at the door that they ran out to open the doors for me. Very appreciative.

I know my limitations. I’m not ready to be on my own yet in going out to places. And I have about an hour limit of sitting in a chair before the pain takes over.

And I miss running

But the greatest thing ever…just two days ago, I lifted my leg four inches. I could only do it once. It was painful but my quad fired. Does that make my leg a musket? Only good for one fire. Haha. I crack myself up.

I don’t have any fancy pictures for this post as it’s just an update for a couple folks who asked how I was doing.

Until next time… peace out, trouts!

2 thoughts on “Misfire

  1. Julia

    Patience and persistence my friend. You are one of the toughest people I know. I’m sorry this has been so so rough, but I don’t have one speck of doubt that you will come through this stronger and ready for whatever is next in your busy life. I continue to keep you and Jim and Gracie Mae in my prayers 😘😘

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