Flipping It Again…

First of all, I’m a quitter. I have to admit. I wrote a previous blog (Dreadmill…Deadmill…Treadmill) about doing an 8-week Insanity class. I had to stop after three. My ankles just could not handle the impact. Over the many years of pounding the pavement running miles, I just had to tap out. I have no shame. Long term effects of impact catch up with you in time. I see that occurring to those who do Crossfit. They will experience joint issues later. Train smart, folks. Your body can only handle so much. I told my coworker I just couldn’t do it. Better to be smart than to cause any future deterioration.

How many times have you been on the wagon, fell off, and tried to get my on again? As I get older, I battle this constantly. Sucks getting older. I never had to worry about what I ate. But now I cannot even smell food and I gain weight. I believe every Sunday I tell myself I am going to turn over a new leaf tomorrow and do better. The weekend comes and I wonder what happened to that leaf I turned over? I guess I’m turning it over AGAIN for the millionth time. Jeez…but the nice thing about the leaves, and that darn wagon, is they are always there to flip over, climb aboard and keep on Wagon Training (Wagon Train…a show I loved watching with my sweet Mom and still love to watch with my dad).

I went with my hunka hunka to his gym to get on the dreadmill. The evil tormented dreadmill. I turned the TV to Food Network which is my absolute favorite station to watch. They were making pizza. Shoot me now. I’ll live vicariously through the TV, I guess. NOTE: My pictures are blurry because I was on the dreadmill.

I figured I would walk during the show and wog (faster than a walk, slower than a jog) during the commercials. Most times I would wog for three minutes. I was proud for one stretch I made myself wog for five minutes straight. That was quite an accomplishment. I wasn’t going very fast. 4.0 mph while I walked and 6.0 mph while I wogged.

My goal was to reach 30 minutes, just to get a workout in burning something. My BRB inspired me without her knowing. I saw she posted she ran a 5K on the dreadmill not too long ago. We enjoyed many races together. I knew I had to push myself and try to get on the dreadmill! My favorite of my BRB and me was the Hearts On Fire 2013 race, and our ensemble picture was used for future promotions for three years after. Autographs are allowed. 🙂

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and text

Once I made it to 30 minutes on the dang dreadmill, I wondered if I could just go a little farther and get to a 5K. Why not? The Kitchen went from making pizza to dessert. My entertainment was keeping me going. Back in my hay day of running, my fastest 5K time in a race was under 24 minutes. Unbelievable. I was in my early 40s and running pretty fast. I made it to a 5K distance today. However, my time was a little different than before. I finished a 5K today at 38:18, but I did it. I have no shame. I captured it so you know it was legit.

I’m not the person I used to be; I’m just the person I am today. No matter how many times I turn over a new leaf, or how many times I fall off the wagon, I know the leaves are always there to kick around and the wagon never gets too far ahead from me. The important part is staying the path…and surround yourself with those who support your quests. I couldn’t do it alone. My hunka hunka isn’t in my face screaming for me to push harder or wog faster or walk longer. He’s there at the end of my workout for a kempo bump. That’s all I need. Just to know he’s got my back.

I’m sore from just doing a short time on the dang dreadmill. My ankles are aching right now while I’m resting in the recliner, but at least I did it. I’ll soak in an Epsom salt bath before the end of the day. Soon, I’ll get up to cook supper, a healthy one at that: Italian pork chops, turnip greens (my mom would be so proud), and carrots. No…it’s not pizza or spaghetti, or a yummy cheeseburger, but I’m turning over that leaf right now instead of waiting till Monday. As most who have ever exercised or dieted, I have succeeded and failed many times over…just keep chugging along and putting my best foot forward, which is always my left.

Stay the path! Peace out, Trout!

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