Getting there…

Yesterday I felt like a runner again. It has been many years since I have said that, but it felt so good I have to say it again. Yesterday I felt like a runner again.

I didn’t run fast and I didn’t far, but I still ran…on the dang dreadmill to say the least. I’m sure you are all dying to know how far I ran. Don’t get too excited, but this is a huge deal for me. I ran a whole two miles without stopping. Now…I know I’m not the person I used to be. Some of you amazing runners out there may think it’s nothing. Two miles just a few years ago was a warm up for me. In the time I ran two miles yesterday, I nearly had three miles in back in the day, but I still ran, nonetheless.

I was pretty excited

Doing those two miles were not easy. Was it a fluke? Possibly, but I’m going to live in the moment because it’s mine…all mine. I have had many injuries and setbacks that I resolved to the point thinking I would never run again. I would try, but eventually get off the dreadmill after a couple minutes. My weight kept going up and my self-esteem kept going down. I would pass people on the road running, deep down thinking how much I miss that time.

I enjoyed running alone. It was my time. My hunka hunka would always tell me how much better I would be if I would just give running a chance again. Yeah Yeah. I hated when he would tell me that. I never wanted to hear it. No matter how much deep down I wanted to run again, don’t tell me I need to run. I KNOW I NEED TO RUN. Encouraging me to run would push me to not run. I’m a tad stubborn that way. I get that from my mom.

Let’s go back a couple weeks. I have the convenience of having a dreadmill at work. I fought through many painful times just trying to make it five minutes. I told my hunka hunka I had to invest in new shoes. I have always been a loyal Brooks Adrenaline fan. I prefer the men’s because the toe box is bigger. Priorities. These shoes are the best for my severe overpronation. After much researching online, I resolved to the fact I couldn’t find my favorite pair which were the 11 series (that means 2011). I invested in 17. I felt like I was in Heaven from my first step back to ‘running’ again.

Ignore my white legs

My ankle still screams, and maybe it always will just simply due to injury wear and tear. I ice it each time with my frozen corn when I get home. I woke up today stiff and my ankle is really sore. I smile thinking of what I have done. Hello, Mrs. Runner…I see you coming back, one step at a time. I’m thankful for my dang hunka hunka. I think his persistent annoyance of trying to push me into running finally happened…on my time…on my terms. I’ll still give him credit. Even if I didn’t give him credit, he’d take it anyway. That turkey…love him so much. He always knows what’s best. I just hate sometimes when I know he’s right.

So…as I was driving home from the gym, I could immediately tell I truly was in my runner’s high. That does exist…pure euphoria. I caught a whiff of me. YES!! I stink. I remember years ago after a race, my hunka hunka and I were sitting at Denny’s at breakfast. He leans across the table and said, “Damn, baby, you stink.” I’ll never forget that day. Stinking is something to brag about. I called my hunka hunka just to tell him I have the stinks again. I’m a runner…slowly, but surely… but I’m a runner again!

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