Leaving Footprints…

Back when I was a more avid runner, I had one regret. My hunka hunka and I have traveled all over the world. Why didn’t I leave a footprint in all of those places? I was well into my running years (and after the many travels) that I decided to do this. Dang it.

I think this epiphany came to me about seven or eight years ago to run (or die trying) in ever new state, or country, I travel. A couple weeks ago my hunka hunka and I went to Hawaii for our 15th anniversary. Awww.

Even though I’m a terrible slacker in my running days lately, I was NOT going to let this opportunity pass me by. I may never get this chance again. So…I laced up and headed out for a VERY short wog. My hunka hunka was tracking me on my Garmin in case some crazy wanted to keep me.

The short ONE mile wog was nothing short of beautiful. There’s a beautiful path on Waikiki Beach. I was surprised how crowded the sidewalk was. Everybody had the same idea as me.

I wogged until I reached a turning point. There was a little ‘lagoon’ area the Hilton had set up for its guests. I was stopped by a fence to the parking lot of a marina. I wanted to get a picture, but couldn’t. This was the marina where the intro to Gilligan’s Island was filmed.

When I checked my halfway point, it was actually 0.76. I’ll actually complete more than a mile. GO ME! (Even though I felt quite a burning in my lungs).

I walked for a quite a while and sent a text to my Hunka Hunka. He was enjoying seeing the little dot of me run the map. He knew I was safe and heading back.

The best part of my little adventure wasn’t the ocean, which was gorgeous. It wasn’t the foliage, which was breathtaking. It was this sweet YOUNG couple I came upon near my finish. Love knows no boundaries. I had to capture this moment. As I passed them, I smiled and said, “Good morning.” I realized they were younger than me, and so in love. He appeared military. I wonder if that’s where he lost his leg. Everyone has a story. I would have loved to have talked with them both. Instead, I let them carry on their romantic walk on the beach. I took a brief moment to thank God for my two healthy legs to allow me to try to run and no matter the injuries, I am so blessed.

I finished my run struggling in the heat, but I did it. I text the picture of the loving couple to my husband. I couldn’t wait to get to him to hug and tell him I love him. We are blessed.

Think of where you leave your footprint, and how do you leave it? I look forward to a new location to wog, even though I don’t have any future site in site yet.

Until then, peace out, Trout!

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