Berries Galore

I’m not a pie eater, never have been. But I do love me a warm cherry or blackberry cobbler. The consistency is different from a pie, and less crust. I hate crust on anything, especially pie.

I’ve been on a blackberry kick for months now. I eat at least 24-36 oz. per week. I’m into those brain foods. With my mom’s dementia, I try to eat anything to help my cognitive skills. Let’s make a cobbler.

A friend on Facebook posted a recipe that reminded me of one on Steel Magnolias, “a cup, a cup, a cup”. The similarities were there, but I had to add my own personal flair. I’ll share the recipe at the bottom.

Oven was preheated to 350. I used a pie plate and melted a stick of butter and added a teaspoon of vanilla. I even added a sprinkle of cinnamon in the batter when I mixed. Just stir the batter with a spoon, and don’t over mix. Stir enough to blend well, otherwise this will decrease the oomph from the baking powder and flour.

I used 1 – 6 oz. raspberries and 2 – 6 oz. blackberries. I love both, but I like the color the raspberries gave to the dish.

Make sure to put your baking dish on a cookie sheet. The pie plate was nearly full, but you don’t want spillage in your oven. I hate any extra cleaning; I will not lie. Convenience. I was already wishing I had a foil pan I could have baked this in because all I can think about is what crusties will build up on the dish. Anywho…

The recipe called for baking an hour. I know my oven. It’s like my hunka hunka…it’s hot! 😉 Seriously though, my oven does cook hot and fast. I only put it in for 50 minutes…and it was perfect.

The beauty of the dish. Hello, cobbler! I could not wait for it to cool one second. I dished out a good helping of this yummy goodness and topped with a scoop, or two, of vanilla ice cream. The berries were not overly sweet which balanced out the dish quite yummy! Highly recommend!

Get to baking…it’s super easy!

Peace out, Trout!

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