Horse racing…

While out to my lunch with my Hunka Hunka today, we ran into a good friend of ours. He complimented me on my blogs, which completely delighted me. I’m never sure who reads my crazy thoughts.

He talked about how I discuss my running adventures. I know I haven’t written in a while. Work has been busy and someone left the dang icebox open because it’s really cold out there. He described himself as a Clydesdale. He expressed the sound of a Clydesdale when they walk, clomp clomp clomp. He felt that’s how he runs through his injuries and just staying in the game of running.

Clydesdale – google image

Holy smokes! I never thought of comparing running to horses. I always said I feel more like a hippo running, every step is heavy. I think I’m digging this horse depiction much better.

I’m not a horse expert. In fact, I have never ridden a horse before. I would love to, I just have never had the opportunity. I imagine horses as elegant and beauty….so not me as a runner. I’m more like a giraffe on rollerskates!

google image

I hope to get back out on the road again soon if this stupid weather gives me a break. I know because of the time lapsed in between, it will feel like day one all over again.

Thoroughbred – fastest horse – google image

Thoroughbreds are the fastest around. I don’t want to be a thoroughbred. Back in the day I was a somewhat thoroughbred. One year I either won or placed in my division in every race I competed. I’m passed that. I think I would like to be a mustang. Mustangs are fast, but middle of the road in comparison to fast horses. If I make it to mustang level in running again, I might just call myself Shelby! (Get it?)

Mustang – google image

Until then, I’ll trot along like a Tennessee Walking Horse, trying to be a little lighter in my steps than a Clydesdale. However, I will never forget this correlation of horses and running. I thank our buddy for this blog thought today!

To all my Clydesdales, mustangs, and thoroughbred…and even to my giraffes on rollerskates…

Peace out, Trout!

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